365 Dogs Page-A-Day® Calendar 2025

The World's Favorite Dog Calendar


By Workman Calendars

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A Labrador Retriever indulges in the ripest summer tomatoes. A regal Treeing Cur sits proudly in the sun. Plus, all manner of snuffly hounds, spunky Border Collies, and playful puppies of all stripes. These are the lovable and huggable contest winners, celebrated with full-color photographs and text that highlights everything we love about man’s best friend. Featuring doggy profiles, Funny Bones, quotes, Pawverbs to live by (Trust often, but sniff well first), and fascinating facts: Just like humans, some dogs are left-pawed; check out which foot your dog starts walking with to determine if she is a lefty!

​Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.


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Aug 6, 2024
Page Count
640 pages

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About the Author

Ross Petras is an author and quote connoisseur who, along with his sister, Kathryn Petras, has published numerous quote collections including Age Doesn’tMatter Unless You’re a Cheese. The Petras's calendar, The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said, has sold over 4.6 million copies. Ross lives with his family in Toronto.

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