Wellness for Dogs

A Guide for Health, Hygiene, and Happiness


By Céline Gastinel-Moussour

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This must-have resource is the perfect gift for every caring dog owner to ensure their pet’s health and wellness—with advice and solutions for everything from grooming to digestion to age, plus 30 simple recipes for treats, tonics, and skin and fur care.

With four color photography and chapters dedicated to physical and emotional needs, Wellness for Dogs offers all that's needed to give a new pet owner confidence or to put an experienced pet owner on a healthier path. Chapters are dedicated to daily life, mental well being, and aging. Specific and clear advice covers everything from keeping your pet's coat glossy to making sure his diet is healthy and even solutions for over-excitement and behavioral issues. It includes 30 simple recipes for treats, tonics, and skin and fur preparations. 


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Jul 25, 2023
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96 pages

Céline Gastinel-Moussour

About the Author

Céline Gastinel-Moussour is a veterinary doctor, licensed since 1994. Passionate about animals and plants her entire life, she established a phytotherapy consultation practice in 2003 and honed her skills with a university degree in Clermont-Ferrand in 2006 while maintaining her practice as a general veterinarian open to natural solutions. Driven by her desire to learn and teach, this is her fifth book. She loves to share her knowledge with animal lovers, especially veterinarians and veterinary students, more and more of whom are interested in plants that are beneficial to animals.  

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