The Work Happiness Method

Master the 8 Skills to Career Fulfillment


By Stella Grizont, MAPP

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Positive psychologist and career coach Stella Grizont reveals eight skills for anyone to take control of their career and improve their happiness, satisfaction, and engagement. 

Perhaps you’re fantasizing about other roles or even careers but you have a sneaking suspicion that escaping might not be the answer to the satisfaction you seek. No matter where you work, your issues can follow. If you’re miserable, bored, or feeling blah with your job, read this book to learn how to take back control of your flourishing. Step-by step, leading happiness expert Stella Grizont guides you through evidence-based techniques to help you feel fulfilled no matter where you work or who you work with. The Work Happiness Method teaches eight inner skills:
  1. Resilience: Manage your mind, uplift your mood, and quiet your inner critic;
  2. Clarity: Know what you really want and develop your own vision of success;
  3. Purpose: Make conscious decisions with confidence and live your values every day;
  4. Boundaries: Avoid burnout, stop people pleasing, and take care of yourself;
  5. PlayMindset: Decrease anxiety while embracing uncertainty;
  6. Discovery: Explore opportunities that most engage you;
  7. Approach: Transform confrontations into conversations; and
  8. Refocus: Return to what matters (without pushing so hard).
Let Stella help. Your life is too precious, your talent is too great, and the people you love are way too important for you to waste another day feeling miserable at work.

  • The Work Happiness Method reveals breakthrough strategies to prevent burnout and love your job - in an authentic, down-to-earth, practical way. Stella Grizont pairs fascinating research with simple, crisp exercises to empower you to experience your job with greater resilience, happiness, and purpose. You'll learn how to make each day matter even more."  
    Richie Norton, Author of ANTI-TIME MANAGEMENT
  • "Practical, research-based, and clear, The Work Happiness Method delivers an insightful and powerful guide to feeling fulfilled at work. Grizont helps you learn eight essential skills to work happier, wake up with purpose, and achieve your goals."
    Shawn Achor, NYTimes bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage
  • "Stella offers a masterclass on how to be happier, healthier, and more successful. This book is filled with inspiring stories, fascinating research, and remarkably effective tools and exercises to improve your work—and your life."
    Rich Hua, Worldwide Head of EPIC Leadership, Amazon
  • "Run to get this book - it will propel you from wishful thinking to taking clear steps towards where you want to be. Stella coaches us on these pages, disarming our defenses and encouraging transformation."
    Dr. Senia Maymin,, Best-selling Author, Chief People Officer, and Founder of Silicon Valley Change Leadership
  • "You can be happier at work. Read this book, and I guarantee you will be."
    Lenny Ratchitsky,, Author of #1 business newsletter on Substack, Host top product growth podcast globally, Former Product, Airbnb
  • "The Work Happiness Method is for anyone motivated to pursue their inner purpose. Grizont’s use of positive psychology reinforces our abilities to thrive beyond the ordinary with critical proactive thinking. We are limitless and this wonderful book fortifies our journey with great clarity."
    Joanne P. McCallie, Former Women’s Basketball Head Coach at Duke, Michigan State and University of Maine, author of Choice Not Chance and Secret Warrior
  • "Want more from work than a paycheck? Then The Work Happiness Method is for you. An easy, enjoyable and very useful read—you won’t regret making time for yourself with this book!"
    Maryam Banikarim, Former CMO, Nextdoor, Hyatt, and Univision
  • "Actionable science-backed advice for how to fall in love with your work (and your life) again!"
    Emma Seppälä, PhD, Yale Lecturer & Author of The Happiness Track and Sovereign
  • "Learning to befriend life's detours, Grizont shares her presence, story, and tools to reignite our sense of meaning. "
    Sharon Salzberg, Meditation Pioneer, NY Times Best Selling Author of Lovingkindness and Real Life
  • "The Work Happiness Method program has helped our faculty and staff participants identify and focus on their true purpose and priorities at work and in life. Armed with new perspectives, participants have been able to cultivate healthier relationships, better cope with difficult moments, find fulfillment at work and gain new levels of well-being at work. The experience has been a wonderful addition to our University Wellness Program."
    Elizabeth R., Click, DNP, ND, RN, CWP, Medical Director, Case Western Reserve University
  • "The Work Happiness Method reveals breakthrough strategies to prevent burnout and love your job - in an authentic, down-to-earth, practical way. Stella Grizont pairs fascinating research with simple, crisp exercises to empower you to experience your job with greater resilience, happiness, and purpose. You'll learn how to make each day matter even more."
    Richie Norton, author of ANTI-TIME MANAGEMENT
  • "Stella has given us a route to thrive with inspiration and techniques to listen to our inner voice, manage our perspective and deal with constant change. As a 45-year advertising veteran I know first-hand that the pursuit of happiness at work is ongoing and that we all need support. This will help both leaders and their teams alike."
    Belle Frank, Former Chief Strategy Officer, VMLY&R Health
  • "For a long time, I had been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and burnt out in many aspects of my job and career. Working with Stella has helped me to better understand how to live my values each day, and as a result, I believe I have become a better business owner and boss. I am once again excited about my work and now see challenges as opportunities to grow, rather than something to dread. Applying the practices she teaches in her book has given me the tools to find what motivates and truly fulfills me again."
    Katie O’Shea, Managing Partner, CFO, The Culinary Creative Group
  • "Whether you're seeking a transformative shift in your work life or aiming to elevate an already fulfilling career, The Work Happiness Method offers an immensely practical roadmap for your journey. This book masterfully blends actionable tools for goal clarity, structured strategies for workplace application, and insightful explanations of the scientific principles underpinning these methods. Embarking on a significant career shift after three decades in banking, I found the timing of this book impeccable. Its exercises and insights are invaluable companions guiding me through this transformative journey."
    James Linnet, CIO, Financial Services
  • "The Work Happiness Method is amazing! I was struggling to navigate some challenges at work and to sharpen my career objectives. Stella walked me through her process to help unlock the values I wanted to experience. Her coaching empowered me clarify my aspirations and pursue my lifetime goal. This led to me leaving a comfortable and prestigious $2 billion/year General Manager role to become the CEO of a disruptive Silicon Valley solar panel startup. I can’t think of a more meaningful role than to help solve the biggest problem of our of time: global climate change."
    Scott Wharton, CEO, Tandem PV
  • "If you feel like you're not quite living up to your true potential in your career, The Work Happiness Method is for you. Stella reveals life-changing skills we can all learn and apply to unleash the potential we always knew we had inside us—and live each day feeling more focused and fulfilled than ever before."
    Tiffany Sun, Chief Content Officer of Twill

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Stella Grizont, MAPP

About the Author

Times Magazine named Stella Grizont a leading happiness expert. She is a positive psychology practitioner, executive coach, and speaker. She is a go-to expert for HR & Organizational Wellness platforms that reaches 5M+ employees including The Wellness Council of America, Wellright, Biz Library, and Twill. She was one of the first 150 people in the world to earn a M.S. in Applied Positive Psychology (aka the science of happiness) from the University of Pennsylvania. She holds a B.S. in Economics from Barnard College. She lives in West Orange, NJ with her husband and two children who both continue to teach her what life is all about.

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