Crazy Joy

Finding Wild Happiness in a World That's Upside Down


By Mary Katherine Backstrom

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A national bestselling author helps readers find radical joy in a world full of constant comparison by accepting that life is a wild ride and happiness fluctuates with our circumstances.

Happiness is considered a destination, but the finish line is constantly moving—when we get married, find that dream job, move away from home, have a baby, build a dream house, etc. We are promised that a happy life is tied to these milestones.

But what if society has it wrong? What if happiness isn't the goal at all?

With her trademark candor and hilarious storytelling, MK paints a picture of a different life—one bursting with a force that is far more sustainable and vibrant: joy.

Crazy Joy will help readers:

  •   Identify and reject ridiculous expectations that society has placed on their lives.
  •  Liberate their hearts from the comparison prison and feel content in their current circumstances.
  • View themselves, inside and out, as the masterpiece creations they are.
  • Find joy (and dare we say, laughter!) in the middle of life's biggest messes.

Witty and refreshingly honest, Mary Katherine invites her readers to embark on a counter-cultural journey toward a life filled to the brim with contentment, humor, and most importantly, Crazy Joy

  • “What a refreshing, heartening experience! Mary Katherine is the kind, funny, and resilient friend we need alongside us as we contend for hope and joy in this world." 
    Sarah Bessey, New York Times bestselling author of A Rhythm of Prayer and Jesus Feminist
  • “MK out here in these streets trying to give out ALL the joy!  Crazy Joy is the perfect catalyst to finding your footing again in the midst of these insane times.”
    Tyler Merritt, author of I Take My Coffee Black
  • “Mary Katherine is the bomb. In a world of competition and curated perfection, happiness relies on so much. Joy, on the other hand, requires none of those exhausting variables and is exactly what MK turns upside down in Crazy Joy. Through MK’s humor and seriousness, Crazy Joy will inspire you to give up the happy act.”
    Natalie Franke, entrepreneur and author of Built to Belong
  • "If there was ever a person qualified to talk about joy, it’s Mary Katherine Backstrom. Even when life is hard, her ability to laugh and make others laugh is impressive. My life has more joy because she's a part of it."
    April Ajoy, Evangelicalish Podcast
  • “Mary Katherine is a crazy joy genius.” 
    Meredith Masony, author of Ask Me What’s For Dinner One More Time
  • “What timely and valuable insight from my friend Mary Kathrine Backstrom. In a culture that seems so chaotic and uncertain, finding our joy is imperative to being our best selves. MK not only writes it, but she lives it. You can feel her genuine joy for life and relationships whenever you are around her. It's infectious.”
    Jeremy Coleman, TikTok’s “That Pastor from Oklahoma"
  • “Mary Katherine’s writing gives me permission to laugh and cry, but also think deeper about what’s happening in the world around me.”
    Kate Swenson, founder of Finding Coopers Voice & National bestselling author of Forever Boy

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Aug 30, 2022
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240 pages

Photograph of author Mary Katherine Backstrom

Mary Katherine Backstrom

About the Author

Mary Katherine Backstrom is best known for her viral videos and candid writing on family, faith, and mental illness. She has been featured on Today Show, CNN, and New York Times—but her friends and family are most impressed with her one-time appearance on Ellen. MK resides in Alabama with her husband, children, two dogs, and a cat. When she isn’t writing, MK is active in her church, her community, and her favorite Mexican restaurant.

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