Mind Games

Winning the Battle for Your Mental and Emotional Health


By Paul Daugherty

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In this important book, a megachurch pastor acknowledges the mental health crisis happening in our churches today and gives readers practical tools to fight back against depression, anxiety, and insecurity—and help them find victory.

Depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma are on the rise, even more so after the painful few years we’ve all been through. While the church has had an unfortunate track record of glossing over mental health issues, Paul Daugherty, pastor of the megachurch Victory, believes it’s time for the church to break its silence. You can’t just pray trauma away. Depression and anxiety can affect even the most devoted believer. 

In this book, Paul Daugherty shares his own story of walking through anxiety and depression, helping readers understand how frightening and debilitating mental health struggles can be, and talks vulnerably about the highs and lows of his healing journey. He also walks readers through some of the biggest mental and emotional health issues he has seen people in his life and his congregation facing, including depression, anxiety, insecurity, mood swings, and the scars of trauma. Daugherty dives into scripture and lays a framework for understanding the spiritual truths behind each mental battle, and offers practical tips and strategies to help readers discover the door out of depression and into mental and emotional victory. 

This book is a fresh and much-needed guide for finding hope and healing from mental and emotional health struggles.


  • Paul Daugherty’s new book, Mind Games, is a compassionate guide for anyone struggling with depression or seeking to support a loved one dealing with mental and emotional health struggles. Drawing from his own experiences and scriptural insights, Paul offers practical strategies for finding hope, healing, and purpose through Christ. This book is a helpful resource for anyone seeking mental and emotional well-being. 
    Craig Groeschel, Founding Pastor of Life.Church and New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • The ability to keep your head in the game is what separates the great from the mediocre. In his book, Mind Games, my friend Paul Daugherty provides proven strategies for you to win the war in your mind so you can stay the course and finish well. 
    John Bevere, Best-selling Author and Minister Co-founder of Messenger International
  • It’s been said that the battleground in our lives is in the mind. We must be victorious in the war over our minds if we want to step into the fullness that God has for us. The simple truth is, how we think determines how we live. The abundant life that Jesus offers us is obtained by the renewing of our mind. I am grateful that my friend Paul Daugherty has so eloquently and profoundly written a book that is a roadmap for how to obtain victory and freedom in our thinking. In Mind Games, he breaks open his life in a vulnerable and powerful way that will set others free. This is the book for every believer longing for more and for every believer ready for victory.
    Banning Liebscher, Founder and Pastor of Jesus Culture
  • Never before has there been such a need for quality information for those struggling with their mental health. Anxiety and being overwhelmed are at an all-time high. Paul Daugherty speaks into this area with a fresh perspective and solutions in Mind Games that are desperately needed for the days we are in.
    Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor, Free Chapel New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Jan 9, 2024
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256 pages

Paul Daugherty

About the Author

Paul Daugherty and his wife Ashley serve as the Lead Pastors of Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Victory Church has a Bible College, international Bible colleges, a Christian school for grades K3-12th, a Dream Center that ministers to those in need throughout Tulsa, and a year-round adventure camp for kids & teens. Paul and Ashley are also quite busy at home with their five beautiful kids: Liam, Benaiah, Mac, Elliana, and Gianna. They travel worldwide, speaking at churches, conferences, and crusades. Paul’s desire is that people feel encouraged and empowered to live the life of Victory that God has for them! His preaching style is refreshingly transparent, full of hope, passion, and practical truth to help people live in Victory.  
In addition to Mind Games, Paul is the author of multiple mini books such as The Fourth Quarter, Relationship Refresh, 60 Promises, Born for More, and Stepping into Revival. He has written worship songs featured on several albums and released two personal albums, which have appeared on several TV shows worldwide. Paul also pioneered a weekly TV program & leadership podcast, which airs globally. His podcast, “Learning to Lead”, is streamed by thousands of young leaders and is frequently updated on the Podcast App. Paul graduated from Oral Roberts University with a bachelor’s degree in Theology and is currently working on his master’s degree at Oral Roberts University.

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