Emperor of Ruin


By Django Wexler

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“Fantasy at its finest.” –Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld on Ashes of the Sun

Two siblings divided by magic and revolution must finally join forces and rally the people to take down the Twilight Order once and for all in the final book of this brilliantly imagined epic fantasy trilogy.

The last surviving Chosen, Ashok has finally risen up and taken control of The Twilight Order. He promises equality and prosperity, but Gyre and Maya know the truth. Only death follows in Ashok's wake. To take him down, Gyre will have to unite old allies from all across The Splinter Kingdoms and the depths of Deepfire. And Maya will have to seek out a legendary weapon hidden in the mountains that could turn the tide in their battle for freedom. 

Burningblade & Silvereye 
Ashes of the Sun
Blood of the Chosen
Emperor of Ruin


  • "With a swift-paced narrative and likeable, well-developed characters, the book engages with some very serious issues while maintaining the fantasy action. Religious and political intrigues, sibling rivalry, a sensitive same-sex relationship, and racial and class animosity are all touched on. An outstanding conclusion to the Burningblade & Silvereye trilogy."
  • "Ashes of the Sun is fantasy at its finest: deliciously inventive, brimming with ancient evils, fallen empires, mysterious technology, and devastating magic. Best of all, however, are its characters, each one crafted with deliberate care and developed in meaningful ways as their story unfolds."
    Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld on Ashes of the Sun
  • "Magic, mutants, and mayhem abound in Django Wexler's Ashes of the Sun, but there's also plenty of brain food to be had in this tale of a post-catastrophe world suffering under the yoke of unbending authoritarian rule. A fast-paced and highly entertaining ride through a compelling and original world"
    Anthony Ryan, NYT bestselling author of Blood Song on Ashes of the Sun
  • "Reminiscent of Final Fantasy, Masters of the Universe, and Moorcock's The Jewel in the Skull, ASHES OF THE SUN is a science-fantasy adventure brimming with everything that is weird and wonderful about a world where magic and technology have fused in the fires of a fallen civilization."
    Jonathan French, author of The Grey Bastards on Ashes of the Sun
  • "Exciting. Immersive. Epic. A perfect page turner and a phenomenal start to a new series."
    Peter Clines, author of The Fold and Ex-Heroes on Ashes of the Sun
  • "Ashes of the Sun brings to life an ancient world of magic broken by war. It's a simmering post-apocalyptic fantasy that feels like the literary equivalent of a ticking time bomb. The book lights a fuse in its first few pages, slowly setting up stakes and a conflict big enough to break the bonds of love, loyalty, duty, and even family, all before the full burn of its last few chapters and the finale's thunderous explosion."
    Evan Winter, author of The Rage of Dragons on Ashes of the Sun

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Feb 28, 2023
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512 pages

Django Wexler

Django Wexler

About the Author

Django Wexler graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with degrees in creative writing and computer science, and worked for the university in artificial intelligence research. Eventually he migrated to Microsoft in Seattle, where he now lives with two cats and a teetering mountain of books. When not writing, he wrangles computers, paints tiny soldiers, and plays games of all sorts.

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