Everyday Enneagram

A Little Introduction to the Nine Personality Types

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By Dayo Ajanaku

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Everyday Enneagram offers a fresh approach to the trusted personality typing system, the Enneagram of Personality, while giving modern soul-seekers the tools they need to access different facets of their personality to create an inspired life.
  • Specifications. A 100-card deck; 2 7/8 x 3 3/4-inch cards.
  • Mini Book. Includes a 48-page miniature book.
  • Beautiful Package. Full-color images throughout the book, on the back of the cards, and on the box. 
  • Keepsake Box. Everything is nestled in a magnetic closure box for safe keeping.
  • Wonderful for Gifting. This mini book and deck makes a perfect gift for anyone curious about the Enneagram or who needs a quick refresher. 


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Sep 3, 2024
Page Count
56 pages
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Dayo Ajanaku

About the Author

Dayo Ajanaku is an Enneagram Type One and is the creator and owner of theblackenneagram. She works to create and share Enneagram content that is accessible for communities of color. Dayo is currently working on her certification with the Narrative Enneagram and is a rising 2L law student at Berkeley Law.

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