Lunar Abundance Mini Moon Lamp


By Ezzie Spencer, PhD

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Connect to the moon’s cycles and add lunar beauty to your space with this gift set including a laser-engraved mini moon lamp, stand, mini book, and USB cable.
  • Specifications: Lamp is laser-engraved with moon landscape and housed within in a solid, clear crystal (2 inches in diameter); LED light illuminates the moon
  • Light up the moon: The mini moon lamp lights up with an ON/OFF switch to illuminate the beautiful full moon
  • Includes Lunar Abundance guidebook: The accompanying full-color illustrated 48-page mini book (2-1/2 x 3 inches) outlines author Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance practice with profiles of the 8 moon phases, tips on how to create New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies, and more
  • Deluxe base: Mini moon lamp rests in a 2-3/4 inch diameter round wooden stand
  • USB cable: Set includes a USB cable to power your mini moon lamp; though it also operates with 3 AAA batteries (not included)


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Jun 4, 2024
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48 pages
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The Lunar Abundance Collection

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Ezzie Spencer, PhD

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Ezzie Spencer is the author of Lunar Abundance and Lunar Abundance Reflective Journal. She trained as a human rights lawyer and holds a Ph.D in therapeutic jurisprudence. In the past decade, she has created a body of work on the themes of Personal Power, Self-Love, and Inner Peace—with a touch of magic. As the creator of Lunar Abundance—a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice—and in her relationships coaching program based on positive psychology,, and her healing modality, the Splinter Method, Ezzie works with a vast community of people around the world to cultivate self-worth, creativity, and confidence.

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