Curiosities and (Un)common Sense from the Bible

60 Devotions


By Anthony Russo

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The Bible. You've heard of it, yes? Maybe something about David and Goliath or Noah’s ark, or a baby in a manger? What if I told you there was tons of stuff in the Bible that you’ve never heard about? Things like talking donkeys, self-conscious magicians, and kings who think they’re cows. The Bible is a curious book full of deeply flawed people and a God who refuses to give up on them. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.
In these 60 devotions, we examine these unique stories, the circumstances and biblical truth around them, and what they reveal about the heart of God.

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Nov 9, 2021
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192 pages
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Anthony Russo

About the Author

Anthony Russo grew up memorizing Scripture–partly in his pursuit to understand God’s Holy Word, but probably more so in his pursuit of badges for his Awana vest. He also loves comedy. He’s been performing improv comedy since he was fifteen years old, and did his first nationwide comedy tour at age seventeen. He is the director of copywriting at Vers Creative, serves as a volunteer at Calvary Church in Clearwater, Florida, and does comedy on the internet (Isaac Improv) and all over the country. He and his wife, Rachel, live in Seminole, Florida, and have two children. See more on Instagram and Facebook @thebibleisfunny @isaacimprov

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