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Mary's Voice

Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Living / Devotional

Date de parution: October 24th 2023

Mary's Voice

Advent Reflections to Contemplate the Coming of Christ

Other than baby Jesus, the central character of the Christmas story is a woman named Mary.
At Christmastime we remember that an ordinary, young, poor, oppressed woman was chosen to play a significant and breakthrough role in the redemption of the world. It is no mistake that a woman gets to be a part of all this, and that her voice, her questions, her fears, and her actions matter.
Mary’s faith and her wisdom form an astonishing aspect of the story of how God became a person for the love of this world. And in our weary world that is waiting and longing for light, meaning, peace, and love, we can do as Mary did when she “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”
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Page Count: 208

ISBN-13: 9781546004523

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Mary’s Voice is the most unique and relatable advent resource I’ve ever read. Amy gives us a vantage point of advent that is rarely, if ever, seen. She reminds us that the church flourishes when we hear the faithful voices of women, the poor and the oppressed. Our souls are enriched when our theological reflections on the life, death and ultimate triumph of Jesus, our Savior, are not devoid of a rich awareness of the social situation of those whom God used in the story of our redemption. In the busyness of advent, Mary’s Voice is an invitation for us to pause in praise joining Mary’s Magnificat, remembering that, in Christ, God has “…lifted up the lowly; God has filled the hungry with good things."—Chris Brooks, Author of Urban Apologetics, Host of Equipped with Chris Brooks, Senior Pastor Woodside Bible Church
If leadership is about influence then, after Jesus, Mary was the greatest leader of all time. Uniquely she was present at the three great moments of our redemption: the Incarnation, Passion and Pentecost. In this book, Amy Orr Ewing presents Mary’s perspective – her fear, her faith and her wisdom – to highlight how her life can offer hope to all who journey through tears, disappointment, lament, struggle and pain.—Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, Author, Pioneers of Alpha and Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, London
What better companions could there possibly be for our journey through Advent to Christmas than these two women: Mary the mother of Jesus who speaks more powerfully into this season than any other, and Amy Orr-Ewing, a trusted voice and respected friend whose insights never fail to encourage and inspire me.—Pete Greig, Founder 24-7 Prayer International and Senior Pastor Emmaus Rd Church
A beautiful and intensely thoughtful set of Christmas reflections, given added depth by a stunning set of illustrations.—Professor Alister McGrath, University of Oxford
In Mary’s Voice: Advent Reflections to Contemplate the Coming of Christ, Amy helps us to recapture the awe and wonder of the birth of Christ, and what this means for us today. By elevating the voice of the young, strong, vulnerable, marginalized, courageous, obedient, faithful, and often overlooked Mary, the mother of God, Amy unveils profound insights into the meaning of Christmas. This book will be a great companion as you prepare your heart during the Advent season. I have never been more captivated by Advent reflections and know you will see Jesus more clearly and love him more dearly as you journey through these pages. —Christine Caine, Founder of A21 and Propel Women
As Amy embraces the legacy and first-hand witness of Mary’s personal and significant part in the story of Advent, every chapter opens, astonishes and excites the reader’s heart to the courage, calling and faith of Mary’s heart. The beautiful rhythm and cadence of Amy’s voice reveals the full theological picture surrounding the astonishing courage, calling and faith laid upon Mary’s heart as she carries the most influential person in all history to an awaiting weary world. This book wonderfully translates the real Mary story crossing all denominations, ages and lives.—Yazz, Singer-songwriter and Author of Pearls of Great Price
Rich, deeply beautiful, and moving, Mary’s Voice shows why Christmas, for all its fevered rush  and consumerism, is still the festival that  slows the racing mind, stills the overloaded heart, and creates wonder. Amy’s meditations deepen our understanding and sympathy for Mary, for Advent, and for all women too, but in a way that also makes her reflections rich for men and for all who seek for the meaning of life.—Os Guinness, Author of The Call
Looking through the lens of a woman in the 21st century about a woman in the 1st century, Mary’s Voice is unlike any Advent devotional I’ve ever read. Amy Orr Ewing compels her readers to consider Mary’s “enormity of responsibility” in the longing and waiting of the coming King.  Capturing my heart into the wonder of the incarnation through the life and perspective of Mary, I know this book will make an impact in the lives of women for many more centuries to come.—Rev. Lisa Wink Schultz, Chief of Staff, US Senate Chaplain’s office
In Mary’s Voice, Amy has provided a beautiful and unique perspective surrounding Christ’s birth. This devotional opened my eyes to a new way of imagining that first Christmas through Mary’s eyes. What a gift!
 —Lauren McAfee, Founder, Stand for Life; Ministry Director of Hobby Lobby Ministry Investments
In this powerful devotional, Dr Amy Orr Ewing reintroduces us to Mary’s life and her often forgotten voice. We’re reminded of Mary’s theological depth, prophetic insight and profound surrender, and then invited to consider our own response to Jesus. Mary's Voice is a valuable companion for the Advent Season.—Jo Saxton, Speaker, Author of Ready to Rise
As both a Christian and a Pastor, I’m always looking for fresh insights, perspectives and inspiration when considering the glory of the Incarnation. Amy Orr-Ewing has provided all of that in her book, Mary’s Voice. A refreshing journey through the days of Advent with Mary, the mother of Jesus, as our guide. I loved it and am sure you will too.—Brian Brodersen, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California
In Amy’s inspiring new book on Mary there is so much to treasure up and ponder in our hearts. We’re reminded how remarkable a role she played in the gospel story, and how extraordinary an entrustment she carried. Each day gives us insight into the life, character and voice of one of the most influential women in scripture, and indeed history. My friend Amy’s beautifully written pages reach both head and heart -- and are so Christ-exalting. This highly recommended book is a wonderful companion for Advent, or indeed any time of the year.—Beth Redman, Author and Speaker
Amy’s life and words have given voice and hope to many, and her reflections in this beautiful Advent book around the voice of Mary amplify the unexpected, wise, tender ways God speaks to each of us. With threads of art and history, this volume invites us to see anew the wonder of the God of hope and promises, redemption and life. My hopes were raised and my heart was stirred through these extraordinary reflections.—Canon Sarah Yardley, Mission Lead of Creation Fest
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