Muhammad Najem

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Muhammad Najem is an internationally recognized journalist from Eastern Ghouta, Syria. He began his reporting career as a child, under near-constant bombardment by the Assad regime, by taking videos on his cheap cell phone and posting them on social media. His story went viral in 2018, putting a target on his and his family’s backs. In 2019, he and his family fled Syria and moved to Turkey. Muhammad loves video games, association football, hanging out with friends, and playing with his little brother and sister. He invites you to visit him at

Nora Neus is an Emmy-award nominated journalist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. She has reported from inside a maximum-security prison, from 14,000 feet above sea level in the San Juan Mountains, and from rural Puerto Rico after devastating earthquakes. Nora studied the Syrian conflict for her MA in War Studies from King’s College London. She started her journalism career as a child, writing a newspaper called Neus News for her family and friends. She invites you to visit her at
Julie Robine is a French-American designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn. Since graduating from RISD in 2015, she has worked on a wide variety of projects, with clients like Little, Brown & Co., Victory Magazine, Barnes & Noble, and more. A middle child, she has been drawing since realizing it was the only thing she was better at than her sisters. Her favorite things include horror podcasts and learning about maligned women in history. She loves drawing characters and crafting their worlds, and reading as many graphic novels as possible. You can find her on Instagram @heyhijulie and at


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