By Suzanne Phillips

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“Are our schools safe?” It’s hard to turn on the news without hearing this question, and the answer is typically “no.” This novel explores what happens when bullying escalates to violence, and it challenges our definition of victimization.

With thought-provoking prose, Suzanne Phillips explores the psyche of Cameron, a bullied freshman who ultimately does the unthinkable: he kills another student. As she did with Chloe Doe, Suzanne has found a way to make this seemingly dark story ultimately redemptive. But she also dares readers to look at the behavior that provokes violence as having the potential to be as dangerous as the violence itself.

It’s Suzanne’s hope that Burn will inspire readers to take a precautionary stance against bullying rather than waiting to react to it.


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Nov 1, 2008
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288 pages

Suzanne Phillips

About the Author

Suzanne Phillips is a special education English teacher in San Diego, California, and her debut novel Chloe Doe, was on our Spring 2007 list. She describes BURN as “A look inside the mind of a young man who is moved to kill a classmate.” She says of this project, “I believe, as someone in the trenches daily, that America needs a little shaking up.”

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