Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book


By Susan M. Love, MD

With Elizabeth Love

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The "Bible" (New York Times) and the "seminal work" (LA Times) offering the most authoritative guidance through all stages of breast cancer diagnosis and recovery, fully revised and updated.
While the amount of information regarding a breast cancer diagnosis is vaster than ever, online and off, what continues to be missing is the explanation behind the options. Most of the data online on medical sites is generic and often comes from the same source. Then there are the patient sites as well as many social media outlets that provide peer to peer support and information. This is important for emotional support but still leaves out the full range of options and the reasons for them. The Breast Book is where people go for a deeper understanding of how to make the best possible choices for their particular situations. Now in its seventh edition, the Breast Book has been fully revised to incorporate all the most recent developments in prevention, treatments and research. This new edition covers: 
  • New treatments: including new drugs, vaccines, hormonal treatment and drugs with longer duration (10 years) for the estrogen positive tumors
  • The increasing focus on where cells live, both locally (immune system, hormones, etc.) and systemically (stress, etc.)
  • Prevention: several new drugs have been added to the list of chemoprevention drugs. In addition, preventative surgery has received increased attention.
  • Increased data on "alternative" approaches such as stress reduction and exercise in reducing recurrence.
  • Increased understanding of the immune system and how it either controls or promotes the cancer.
  • Risks for survivors
  • Genetics
  • Special groups: Men with breast cancer are demanding a louder voice in the conversation and research.

  • "The woman who almost singlehandedly brought public attention to the mammillary part of our bodies keeps the updates coming."
    Library Journal
  • "[Dr. Susan Love is] one of the country's leading experts on breast cancer."
    Los Angeles Times
  • "A candid, authoritative, and splendidly well-written guide for women facing a diagnosis, decisions about treatment and concerns about prevention of breast cancer...Highly recommended."
  • "They don't call it 'the bible of breast care' for nothing."
    Better Homes and Gardens
  • "The title people turn to with questions about breast health as well as disease. This latest iteration...addresses metastatic breast cancer and the longer survival rates of its sufferers, making breast cancer more and more like a chronic disease...Love is the go-to for all matters of the breast."
    Library Journal
  • "Extensive, readable, well-organized, and contains solid references...Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book is Breast Cancer 101, the necessary foundation and springboard for understanding the fundamentals of breast cancer and treatment. Armed with the knowledge, background, and questions raised in this book, anyone would be equipped to enter the zone of medical uncertainty surrounding breast cancer to ask more questions, get more answers, and learn what they need to know to make the decisions that are right for them."
    Breast Cancer Consortium
  • "Striking a blow to the old approach that more is better, Dr. Love writes that it's not just a matter of having cells with mutations of cancer but also an environment egging them on."
    Tucson Citizen
  • "Many shifts in breast health science make this massive coverage a key acquisition for any health library."
    Midwest Book Review
  • "The essential breast cancer book...For more than 25 years, Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book has been the best source of information for women with breast cancer...A valuable read for oncology fellows or medical students toying with the idea of pursuing a career in oncology...Clear and accurate writing...The chapters on diagnosis and treatment are written with firm delicacy...Women reading this material will come away better informed and less fearful...Dr. Love empowers her readers to be strong advocates for their breast health....Highly recommended."
    ASCO Post
  • "More than a bible for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. It's now also a guide for survivors, those at risk and anyone who wants to understand the environmental connection."
    Heart & Soul
  • "The seminal work for any woman facing the disease."
    Los Angeles Time Magazine
  • "Dr. Love writes with optimism about advances in the science of breast cancer diagnosis...She won't lead you astray. For newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients, this book is still a great guide."
  • "An essential companion, with remarkably accessible information."
    St. Petersburg Times
  • "Comprehensive and candid."
    Northern Virginia Magazine
  • "An owner's manual for breasts."
  • "The go-to guide for millions of women concerned about breast disorders--cancer in particular...A definitive resource...Presents[s] technical information in clear prose meant to be understood by the average woman...deserve[s] a place on every breast cancer patient's bookshelf."
    Energy Times
  • "Any woman facing a diagnosis, decisions about treatment or concerns about prevention will find in Dr. Love's book the information, guidance and the reassurance she needs."
    Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise
  • "Written by one of the nation's most trusted experts, [it] can help lessen the fear and confusion of a breast cancer diagnosis."
  • "A classic in the field."
    Spokane Spokesman-Review
  • "Anchoring the literature is Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book...This is the definitive source for information."
    Shelf Awareness

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Nov 7, 2023
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Susan M. Love, MD

About the Author

Susan Love, MD, MBA, is an author, surgeon, researcher, entrepreneur and mother. She is the Chief Visionary Officer of the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, and a founder and Director of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  Dr. Love is responsible for the Love Research Army, formerly known as the Army of Women, a pioneering online approach to linking those who are willing to participate in breast cancer studies and the scientists who need them. This has developed into a vital resource for fast-tracking research on the disease.

Elizabeth Love is a journalist, researcher and translator who has worked for various publications while living in Latin America, South Africa, and Egypt. She translated the fifth and sixth editions of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book into Spanish and is planning to do so for the seventh edition as well. She currently lives in California. 

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