The Testosterone Factor

A Practical Guide to Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally


By Shafiq Qaadri

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In The Testosterone Factor, the first practical all-natural guide for midlife men, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri offers a groundbreaking strategy for assessing and overcoming—without hormonal supplements—the symptoms of male menopause, including depression, fatigue, explosive anger, loss of ambition, and, perhaps most widely recognized, loss of virility. He offers comprehensive worksheets to help readers quantify their symptoms and gauge their level of andropause, then arms them with specific, personalized strategies for improving their overall wellness. He also tackles that most sensitive of issues—”plumbing problems”—and discusses the pros and cons of Viagra and its cousins. By offering clear information in an upbeat tone, as well as a variety of lifestyle approaches, natural exercises, and step-by-step techniques, The Testosterone Factor helps the midlife andropausal man identify his priorities and follow a strategy that’s best for him.

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Feb 23, 2009
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240 pages

Shafiq Qaadri

About the Author

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri is a distinguished family physician, teacher, writer, and broadcaster. A gifted communicator, he has been a medical contributor to Canada’s national newspaper the Globe and Mail, has published more than 700 articles on diverse health topics, ranging from andropause to zinc deficiency, and has logged more than 500 radio and television appearances. Dr. Qaadri is one of the upper echelon Canadian MDs known as “Designated Medical Practitioners,” and serves in the state legislature of the Government of Ontario. As a family physician for the past fifteen years, Dr. Qaadri has advised, treated, and managed more than 1,250 men going through andropause, and physicians and other healthcare professionals continually refer patients to his busy Toronto clinic. He is married with two children.

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