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The Man with the Poison Gun

Nonfiction / True Crime / Espionage

Date de parution: December 6th 2016

The Man with the Poison Gun

A Cold War Spy Story

In the fall of 1961, KGB assassin Bogdan Stashinsky defected to West Germany. After spilling his secrets to the CIA, Stashinsky was put on trial in what would be the most publicized assassination case of the entire Cold War. The publicity stirred up by the Stashinsky case forced the KGB to change its modus operandi abroad and helped end the career of Aleksandr Shelepin, one of the most ambitious and dangerous Soviet leaders. Stashinsky’s testimony, implicating the Kremlin rulers in political assassinations carried out abroad, shook the world of international politics. Stashinsky’s story would inspire films, plays, and books-including Ian Fleming’s last James Bond novel, The Man with the Golden Gun.

A thrilling tale of Soviet spy craft, complete with exploding parcels, elaborately staged coverups, double agents, and double crosses, The Man with the Poison Gun offers unparalleled insight into the shadowy world of Cold War espionage.
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Page Count: 384

ISBN-13: 9780465035908

What's Inside

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Publishers Weekly:
[Plokhy's] gripping, well-researched account of Stashinsky's life illuminates a pivotal juncture of the Cold War.

Washington Times:
"A gripping work by Serhii Plokhy that is rich in the tradecraft with which Stalin's killers stalked opponents - as a matter of state policy."
Peter Finn, co-author of The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, andthe Battle Over a Forbidden Book
A gripping portrait of an assassin and his journey from recruitment to mission to defection, The Man with the Poison Gun exhumes one of the Cold War's stranger episodes - the KGB's murder of Ukrainian man with a spray gun that squirted poison. Author Serhii Plokhy tells an evocative and informative tale, based on original archival research, that immerses us in the tradecraft of Soviet spies operating in Western Europe.
Kirkus Reviews:
"With gusto and verve, Plokhy details Stashinsky's intelligence work.... A thrilling, well-researched tale of espionage that has all the spycraft hallmarks of a blockbuster movie.
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