Mega-Maze Adventure! (Maze Activity Book for Kids Ages 7+)

A Journey Through the World's Longest Maze in a Book


By Scott Bedford

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The world’s longest maze in a book! A-MAZE-ING.

Not just a maze––the book itself is a maze! A portal opens on the front cover, and the maze continues through every page, making this the world’s longest maze in a book.

Every spread is a journey through an imaginative world: there’s Robot World and Butterfly World, Ski World and Underwater World, Dragon World and Skyscraper World. Filled with hypnotic details, hidden surprises, fun facts, and bright, swirling, richly-colored details, every page is a compelling adventure.


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Jul 7, 2020
Page Count
28 pages

Scott Bedford

About the Author

Scott Bedford is a London-based creative director who has worked for both global agency networks and cutting-edge technology start-ups. He is also the author of Made by Dad and a Webby Award–winning blogger who loves to make things and draw. He lives with his wife and two sons in Marlow, England.

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