Dolls and Trucks Are for Everyone


By Robb Pearlman

Illustrated by Eda Kaban

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$12.99 CAD

Dolls and trucks are for boys and girls, as are dancing shoes, figure skating and hockey, and many more activities and hobbies.
From the author and illustrator team behind Pink Is for Boys comes this empowering, inclusive book that teaches kids that gender doesn’t define who you are or what you want to become.


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Sep 14, 2021
Page Count
40 pages
Running Press Kids

Robb Pearlman

About the Author

ROBB PEARLMAN is the author of many books, including The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary, Bob Ross and Peapod the Squirrel, Pink is for Boys, and Fun with Kirk and Spock. He lives in New Jersey and sometimes treats himself to waffles and whipped cream.

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