We Mostly Come Out at Night

15 Queer Tales of Monsters, Angels & Other Creatures


Edited by Rob Costello

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An empowering cross-genre YA anthology that explores what it means to be a monster, exclusively highlighting trans and queer authors who offer new tales and perspectives on classic monster stories and tropes. 

Be not afraid! These monsters, creatures, and beasties are not what they appear. We Mostly Come Out at Night is a YA anthology that reclaims the monstrous for the LGBTQA+ community while exploring how there is freedom and power in embracing the things that make you stand out. Each story centers on both original and familiar monsters and creatures—including Mothman, Carabosse, a girl with thirteen shadows, a living house, werebeasts, gorgons, sirens, angels, and many others—and their stories of love, self-acceptance, resilience, and empowerment. This collection is a bold, transformative celebration of queerness and the creatures that (mostly) go bump in the night.

Contributors include editor Rob Costello, Kalynn Bayron, David Bowles, Shae Carys, Rob Costello, H.E. Edgmon, Michael Thomas Ford, Val Howlett, Brittany Johnson, Naomi Kanakia, Claire Kann, Jonathan Lenore Kastin, Sarah Maxfield, Sam J. Miller, Alexandra Villasante, and Merc Fenn Wolfmoor.

  • “A gloriously layered collection . . . here, monstrousness and magic parallel that which society fears--queerness, asexuality, trans lives--and through transformations both tiny and tremendous, teens enduring discrimination show how amazing they can be. The message here? ‘Too bad, world. You will make space.’”
    Shelf Awareness
  • "An ambitious anthology centering queer monstrosity in all its forms. Each entry opens with a stunning black-and-white chapter illustration, whetting readers’ appetites for the tale to follow. Stories range from ethereal fairy-tale retellings to dystopian quests of teens seeking love and acceptance in dust-soaked, drowned-out Earths . . . a solid collection of speculative queer YA.”
    School Library Journal
  • “In We Mostly Come Out At Night, you’ll find kinship, joy, your experiences and fantasies finally coming to life in stories. And perhaps better than that, you’ll feel a sense of community and belonging.”
    Lightspeed Magazine
  • The collection as a whole is compelling and rich with fascinating beasties that provide new twists on monster lore…worthwhile for its strong queer-affirming stance and thought-provoking depictions of monsters.
  • "Charming or creepy, rousing or unsettling, or maybe a combination of all of those—there's an odd, eerie flavor for everyone in this stunner of an anthology. If you don't recognize that reference, dive into this queer fantasia and find out for yourself. My fave read this year!"
    Saundra Mitchell, award-winning editor of All Out and author of All The Things We Do In The Dark
  • "A surefire hit for the monster (or monster-lover) in your life, We Mostly Come Out At Night has tales that are romantic, terrifying, bittersweet, and unexpected. Whether we’re being introduced to powerful new creatures, or meeting an old friend that can be summoned in a mirror, you'll be drawn in by each story's compelling characters as they navigate their own unique facet of the queer experience. A must-read for anyone who's been intrigued by shadows on the wall or things that go bump in the night!"
    Alex Brown, author of Damned If You Do, and co-contributing editor of Night Of The Living Queers
  • "As varied, creative, heartfelt, and fun as the community of writers who conjured it, We Mostly Come Out at Night is the narrative bestiary you need." 
    Elana K. Arnold, National Book Award finalist, Printz Award honoree, and author of Damsel, Red Hood, and What Girls Are Made Of
  • “These monster stories positively pulse with humanity. Not only are they gripping and suspenseful, but they have such depth, meaning, and stand as powerful testaments to the fierceness and fabulosity of the queer experience.”
    Dan Clay (aka, Carrie Dragshaw), author of Becoming A Queen

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May 21, 2024
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