130 Healthy Recipes to Stop Fearing Carbs and Embrace the Comfort Foods You Love


By Phoebe Lapine

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Put Carbs Back on the Table!

Diet trends come and go, but over the last decade, no one food group has been vilified and misunderstood as much as carbs. A hundred years ago, our relatives got more than 50 percent of their nutrients from carbs, and yet the chronic conditions we grapple with today were rare. The good news is that carbs don’t have to be the enemy of your blood sugar or hormone health, nor are they the secret agents of inflammation.

Carbivore is a new way to reclaim your favorite comfort foods without the consequences. Whether you’re suffering from keto-fatigue, have been told carbs are off the table because of health issues, or just want to embrace food freedom without fear, Phoebe Lapine offers a delicious solution with 130 completely fiber-forward (gluten-optional) recipes that are organized by your favorite type of carb—noodles, grains, loaves, spuds and more.

As she did in her invaluable gut health guide, SIBO Made Simple, Phoebe will cure your carb confusion and show you how to “have your cake and eat it too” with strategies like her signature “carb companions.” This book is a mouth-watering culinary adventure that will allow you to balance your blood sugar, support hormone health, and limit autoimmune symptoms, all while embracing the foods you love.

  • “Who doesn’t love carbs?  After decades of bad press, it turns out some of them are actually good for us!  With this brilliantly researched book, Phoebe Lapine shows us how to prepare satisfying carbs that light up our brains and make us feel good. I love this book!”
    Ina Garten
  • With its balanced approach, Carbivore illuminates the important differences between various types of carbs and the vital role they play in our health. And of course, all of that education would be remiss without tasty ways to enjoy them! These smart, mouthwatering recipes illustrate how carbs can be a delicious, wholesome part of our everyday.
    Erin Clarke, author of the bestselling The Well Plated Cookbook
  • Phoebe’s thoughtful recipes take into mind all of the health considerations of eating carbs (Making sure your blood sugar is balanced! Making them gut-friendly!) while amping up the delicious flavors we love carbs for. Perfect for the pasta and bread lover who also wants to feel good in their body.
    Liz Moody, host of The Liz Moody Podcast and author of 100 Ways To Change Your Life

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Phoebe Lapine

About the Author

Phoebe Lapine is a gluten-free chef, the voice behind the award-winning blog Feed Me Phoebe, and the author of four books. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

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