The Biggest, Bestest Book of Sudoku


By Nikoli Publishing

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The ultimate collection of over 1,000 handcrafted sudoku puzzles, in a range of difficulties, handcrafted by the masters at Nikoli in Japan (whose Workman sudoku books have 1.3 million copies in print combined).

It’s the marriage of Workman’s bestselling Sudoku series and a format that gives fans the joy of more, more, more! The Biggest Bestest Book of Sudoku​ features more than 1,000 sudoku puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy to extra-extra-hard. Each puzzle is handcrafted (not computer generated, like most generic sudoku books) by the experts at Nikoli Publishing, the Japanese creators of the game, so solving one is like pitting your mind against that of a sudoku master. And unlike Workman’s previous small-sized sudoku books, The Biggest Bestest Book of Sudoku​ will come in a larger 8"x10" format and pack in three times as many puzzles to keep readers happy and busy.

On Sale
May 14, 2024
Page Count
256 pages

Nikoli Publishing

About the Author

Nikoli is the Japanese puzzle and game company that’s been nurturing and developing sudoku for over thirty-five years. They hold the trademark on sudoku in Japan, and supply 100 percent of the puzzles published in Japanese newspapers and magazines. 

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