Why Did No One Tell Me This?

The Doulas' (Honest) Guide for Expectant Parents


By Natalia Hailes

By Ash Spivak

Illustrated by Louise Reimer

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Why Did No One Tell Me This? answers the questions about pregnancy and childbirth you’re afraid to ask and didn’t even know you had with the positive, personality-filled advice of two experts.
Reproductive health experts and doulas Natalia Hailes and Ash Spivak break down every part of pregnancy and childbirth into sections, vibrantly illustrated by artist Louise Reimer, complete with funny and bite-sized pieces of advice. Doubts and fears that often surround childbirth are explored to empower readers to understand their own individual needs, know their rights, and find their voice both during and after pregnancy.
This unflinching and uplifting guide addresses the following “What Ifs” and more:
  • What if you don’t get the birth you want?
  • What if you get postpartum depression?
  • What if the “Cascade of Interventions” happens to you?
  • What if you poop yourself while pushing?
  • What if you don’t feel ready to go back to work?
  • What if you lose yourself?
Why Did No One Tell Me This? is a book of answers and a real look at everything going on in your body from common misconceptions to new anatomy to mental health struggles.

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Apr 7, 2020
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272 pages
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Natalia Hailes

About the Author

Natalia Hailes is a birth doula, lactation specialist and reproductive health educator. She’s worked with hundreds of families supporting them through pregnancy and beyond, and as a mother herself she speaks from experience. Originally from Colombia, she spent 15 years in NYC and recently moved to Richmond, VA. Her work has been featured in Newsweek, Refinery29, Well+Good, Business Insider, and MindBodyGreen, among others. Learn more at nataliahailes.com.

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Ash Spivak

About the Author

Ash Spivak is an Internationally Certified Birth Doula and co-founder of Allbodies (allbodies.com), an unprecedented, digital platform for reproductive and sexual health. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, and Teen Vogue.

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