The Eightfold Way


By Murray Gell-mann

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This monograph presents thirty research papers dealing with the classification of strongly interacting particles and their interaction according to the eightfold way. In each chapter the authors’ commentary introduces the reprints.

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Oct 20, 2000
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400 pages
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Murray Gell-mann

About the Author

A pioneer in the field of subatomic physics, Murray Gell-Mann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1969 for his quark theory of matter. Gell-Mann coined the term “quark” after the discovery of some 100 particles within the atomic nucleus. He is currently Professor and Co-Chairman of the Science Board of the Santa Fe Institute, where his recent research has focused on complex adaptive systems. He is the author of The Quark and the Jaguar and The Eightfold Way, and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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