Now You're Mine

A Dark Stalker Romance

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By Morgan Bridges

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Being without her isn’t an option for me. Or her.

The Protector

She’s in danger. Just the thought of this threatens my sanity.
I’ll do anything to keep her safe… Even things that she doesn’t agree with.
If she thinks stalking her was bad, Calista’s in for a surprise.

The Prisoner
Hayden is certifiable. And I love him. What I don’t like are his methods of protection.
Except the more perilous things become, the closer I get to him.
And the secrets he’s keeping from me.

Now You're Mine is Book 2 in the Possessing Her duet where Hayden and Calista find their HEA. This book contains explicit sexual content and a morally gray hero that's over the top jealous/possessive, a stalker who falls first and harder, has Touch Her & Die energy, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her. A complete list of the trigger warnings can be found on the author's website.


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Oct 1, 2024
Page Count
256 pages

Morgan Bridges

About the Author

Morgan Bridges is a dark romance author with a love of anti-heroes, beautifully written words, and bedroom scenes that are so hot she blushes. She lives with her family near Dallas, TX.

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