The Naming of the Beasts


By Mike Carey

Read by Michael Kramer

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Author of The Girl With All the Gifts Mike Carey presents the fifth book in his hip supernatural thriller series featuring freelance exorcist Felix Castor.

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but if you ask Castor, he’ll tell you there’s quite a bit of arrogance and reckless stupidity lining the streets as well.

He should know. There’s only so many times you can play both sides against the middle and get away with it. Now, the inevitable moment of crisis has arrived and it’s left Castor with blood on his hands.

Castor drowns his guilt in cheap whiskey, while an innocent woman lies dead and her daughter comatose, his few remaining friends fear for their lives, and there’s a demon loose on the streets. But not just any demon — this one rides shotgun on Castor’s best friend’s soul, and can’t be expelled without killing him.

Looks like Felix Castor’s got some tough choices to make, because expel the demon he must — or all Hell will break loose.


  • "Carey's unique and eminently readable style, with his excellent command of concise description and dialogue lends itself perfectly to the pacing of the book, one that we found ourselves wanting to re-read as soon as we finished it."
    SciFi Now
  • "Like Humphrey Bogart meets John Constantine, Felix Castor makes for an enjoyably, untrustworthy guide through the undead-filled streets of London, as painted by Mike Carey . . . huge verve and energy . . . engaging and vivacious."
  • "Every bit as good as Jim Butcher, Carey hits his stride."
    Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Dead Men's Boots
  • "The Devil You Know is a spectacular novel, one of the best supernatural thrillers I've read in years."
    Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of the Dead on The Devil You Know
  • "Witty, sardonic . . . irresistible . . . leaves the readers breathless."
    Kirkus (starred review) on Dead Men's Boots
  • "An imaginative spin on the hard-boiled detective . . . mixes horror and humor in a way that spells good omens for future Castor novels."
    Entertainment Weekly on The Devil You Know
  • "The Felix Castor novels are splashed with color and texture, their characters are larger than life (or death), and the stories are, well . . . out of this world. Castor is a remarkably believable character... A wholly engaging blend of the detective and fantasy genres."
    Booklist on Dead Men's Boots
  • "Fast-paced . . . riveting . . . everything a paranormal thriller fan could want." on Dead Men's Boots
  • "[A] deftly crafted, can't-turn-the-page-fast-enough read."
    Kirkus (starred review) on Vicious Circle
  • "Felix offers a darkly droll take on the circumstances of his world, which is just as familiar, intricate, and morally tangled as our own."
    Entertainment Weekly on Vicious Circle
  • "A treat . . . Castor follows up his excellent debut with this even better sequel . . . Genre-bending at its best."
    Booklist (starred review) on Vicious Circle
  • "Engrossing . . . perfect . . . an ingeniously multilayered tale."
    Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Devil You Know
  • "Carey transcends his comic roots in this quirky, dark and imaginative tale that compels readers to keep turning pages long after they should have gotten to sleep."
    Kirkus (starred review) on The Devil You Know
  • "The author has mastered the challenge of incorporating the paranormal into a normal urban setting, and his refusal to pull punches makes this a harder hitting genre entry than many others."
    Publishers Weekly on Thicker Than Water

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Dec 18, 2018
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Mike Carey

About the Author

M. R. Carey has been making up stories for most of his life. His novel The Girl With All the Gifts was a USA Today bestseller and is a major motion picture based on his BAFTA-nominated screenplay. Under the name Mike Carey he has written for both DC and Marvel, including critically acclaimed runs on X-Men and Fantastic Four, Marvel’s flagship superhero titles. His creator-owned books regularly appear in the New York Times bestseller list. He also has several previous novels, two radio plays, and a number of TV and movie screenplays to his credit.

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