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The Right

Nonfiction / History / United States / 21st Century

Date de parution: May 23rd 2023

The Right

The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism

A “superb” and “ambitious” (New York Times) intellectual and political history of the last century of American conservatism 

When most people think of modern conservatism, they think of Ronald Reagan. Yet this narrow view leaves many to question: How did Donald Trump win the presidency? And what is the future of the Republican Party? 
In The Right, Matthew Continetti gives a sweeping account of movement conservatism’s evolution, from the Progressive Era through the present. He tells the story of how conservatism began as networks of intellectuals, developing and institutionalizing a vision that grew over time, only to see their creation buckle under new pressures from national populist movements. Drawing out the tensions between the desire for mainstream acceptance and the pull of extremism, Continetti argues that the more one studies conservatism’s past, the more one becomes convinced of its future. 
Updated with a new epilogue, The Right is essential reading for anyone looking to understand American conservatism. 

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Page Count: 544

ISBN-13: 9781541600515