A Visual Learner's Guide to Being a Grown-Up


By Matt Shirley

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Based on Matt Shirley's popular Instagram account @mattsurelee, this smart and hilarious guide is a collection of tables, lists, and charts for all the visual learners out there striving to be a successful grown-up.

We all know the particular pain that comes with having to be an actual adult, whether it's resetting your internet password on ten different sites, yearning for an excuse to get out of the plans your wife made for you months ago, or the anxiety that comes from forcing yourself to work out again.

When Matt Shirley became fed up with being a grown-up, he started drawing charts as a more fun and efficient way to cope with his frustrations, and stuck them up on Instagram where they became an instant hit. Packed with over one hundred charts, graphs, diagrams, and infographics—with 50 percent brand-new material—this hilarious collection vows to explain everything you need to know about how to be a grown-up, covering work, family, and friends, to dating, breakups, and more.

From explaining the cycle of adulthood to decoding the pros and cons of first dates to understanding the corporate lingo translator, Shirley's charts cut to the core of how to be an adult in the funniest possible way.

  • “This is a brilliant, hilarious portrait of the realities of being an adult. Matt Shirley makes the cleverest charts on Instagram, and this book is his most entertaining and insightful work yet. It’s also a remarkably good investment, because it takes less than an hour to read, but it will keep you laughing—and thinking—for months. It might be my favorite thing to emerge from the dumpster fire of 2020 that doesn’t rhyme with ‘Maxine’.”
    Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and ORIGINALS, and host of the TED podcast WorkLife
  • "Matt is one of the absolute best there is at putting relatable, humorous observations in chart form." 
    Jason Oberholtzer, author of I Love Charts: The Book
  • "This is a book for chart and infographic lovers and anyone who needs a laugh. I smiled the whole way through!"
    Michelle Rial, bestselling author of AM I OVERTHINKING THIS?
  • "Full of the best kind of truths: the ones nobody says out loud." 
    Jessica Hagy, bestselling author of HOW TO BE INTERESTING

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Apr 6, 2021
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144 pages
Running Press

Matt Shirley

About the Author

Matt Shirley started making charts in 2008 and eventually figured out he could get paid for it. Today, Matt is a full-time chart-maker and freelancer, creating visual content for a variety of clients across the world. Matt’s charts have made the front page of Reddit numerous times and have been featured on The Today Show. Previously he was an editor for Playboy and Civilized.

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