The Book of Pintxos

Discover the Legendary Small Bites of Basque Country


By Marti Buckley

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For the first time ever, the recipes for pintxos—the small dishes found in bars in Basque Country—are gathered to present the definitive bible on this significant food of Basque culture, along with the history and people who created them, written by award-winning author Marti Buckley. * Named a Best New Cookbook of Spring 2024 by Epicurious

Nestled in the Old Town of San Sebastián, Spain, is a culinary tradition unlike any other in the world: the pintxo. Ranging from a simple anchovy-and-pepper toothpick skewer to a decadent dish of tender beef cheek over creamy potatoes, pintxos are impressive, well thought-out dishes, distilling ingredient know-how and creative cooking techniques into just a few bites. Bar owners take pride in their pintxo recipes, which are often closely protected and passed down through generations. In the first authoritative book on this subject, author and Basque transplant Marti Buckley defines what makes a pintxo, traces its history back several decades, and shares the recipes so home cooks can authentically recreate these tiny morsels in their own kitchens. Through 70 recipes, bar profiles, histories, and vivid photographs, The Book of Pintxos unlocks a window into this dynamic Basque food culture for curious eaters everywhere.

  • "Cozying up to a bar in San Sebastián with a cold glass of sagardo while sampling a myriad of pintxos is pure gastronomic bliss and an experience that any food lover needs to indulge in at least once in their life. If you can't, Mari Buckley's The Book of Pintxos is the next best thing." 
    René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of Noma
  • "Marti is a true culinary explorer—equal parts journalist, anthropologist, and food lover—who has devoted her attention to pintxos, the jewels of Basque Country. She has paid them a worthy tribute to the benefit of all of us who love to travel and eat."
    José Andrés, chef and founder of World Central Kitchen
  • "Marti Buckley's collection of glorious small bites created in San Sebastián is hugely inspiring, and her intimate insight into a most appealing food world is fascinating read."
    Claudia Roden, author of Claudia Roden's Mediterranean
  • “This inviting, vibrant cookbook is a big anthology of small bites. . . a veritable goldmine of ideas that also happens to be quite the looker on the coffee table.”

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Apr 9, 2024
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Marti Buckley

Marti Buckley

About the Author

Marti Buckley is an American writer and chef from Alabama who has resided in northern Spain since 2010. Her definitive book on Basque cuisine, Basque Country, earned her a prestigious IACP Cookbook Award in the 2019 International category, as well as Best Publication from the Basque Gastronomy Academy. She appears regularly on both Spanish and American television and radio programs, and her work has been featured in Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic, and Wine Enthusiast, among others. Marti is co-founder of the International Society for the Preservation & Enjoyment of Vermouth. Find her Instagram @martibuckley.

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