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Two Meals a Day Cookbook

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Date de parution: June 14th 2022

Two Meals a Day Cookbook

Over 100 Recipes to Lose Weight & Feel Great Without Hunger or Cravings

In this companion book to Two Meals a Day, the New York Times bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and The Keto Reset Diet Mark Sisson uses his health and fitness expertise to craft delicious and healthy meals for the latest diet trend — intermittent fasting.

Mark Sisson—author of the bestseller The Primal Blueprint and forefather of the ancestral health movement—unveiled his groundbreaking new lifestyle approach in Two Meals A Day, showing readers how to master their metabolic flexibility and reap the incredible benefits of intermittent fasting. Now, in the TWO MEALS A DAY COOKBOOK, Sisson will help you implement this eating style with nourishing recipes and a plan that is easy to adhere to for a lifetime.

The profound benefits of intermittent fasting are scientifically validated and undisputed, including:
– Encouraging cellular repair
– Facilitating fat burning
– Strengthening your body's defenses against disease
– Boosting memory retention
– Improving heart rate and blood pressure

TWO MEALS A DAY COOKBOOK includes delicious, nutrient-rich recipes in a variety of categories, all to assist you in gracefully burning fat all while maintain energy, focus, and mood stability. With over 100 mouth-watering recipes, it’s the ultimate addition to any recipe collection for anyone looking to make an enjoyable and lasting lifestyle transformation.
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USD: $30  /  CAD: $38

Page Count: 304

ISBN-13: 9781538736913

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