Pearl Harbor and the Day War Came to America


By Marc Favreau

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The true story of Pearl Harbor as you’ve never read it before—action-packed, informative, and told through the eyes of a diverse group of people who experienced the terror of the unprecedented attack firsthand.

A single day changed the course of history: December 7, 1941. Nobody in America knew Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was coming. Nobody was prepared for the aftermath. It became a defining moment from which the country never truly recovered.

Perfect for fans of Steve Sheinkin and Deborah Heiligman, this unflinching narrative puts readers on the ground in Pearl Harbor through the stories of real people who experienced the attack and its aftereffects. It alternates between the sweeping views and fateful decisions of leaders such as FDR and on-the-ground accounts from soldiers and sailors of all backgrounds as well as an array of other unique participants and observers. Attacked! sheds new, compelling light onto a history we think we know, what it means to be American, and the enduring lessons from an event we never saw coming.

  • * “A jaw-dropping account of Pearl Harbor … artfully conceived and grippingly told.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
    Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • “An inclusive, expansive take on a pivotal historical moment. [Favreau] accessibly and engagingly shows readers that with Pearl Harbor, the real story is ‘more complicated—and much more interesting, tragic, and heroic—than the simplified version.’”
  • "Well researched and particularly attentive to offering one person’s viewpoint at a time, giving a sense of immediacy to their individual experiences and intensity to their memories and observations. A very readable book on a topic of perennial interest." 
  • Praise for Unequal:
    A YALSA-ALA Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adult Award Finalist
    School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
    A New York Public Library Best Book of 2022 
    * "Empowering, profound, and necessary, purchase for all collections serving young adults." —School Library Journal, starred review
    SLJ starred review
  • Praise for Spies:
    A New York Times Best Children's Book of 2019"Marc Favreau's Spies is narrative nonfiction at its finest: insightful, impeccably researched, and, most of all, impossible to put down."
    Deborah Hopkinson, Sibert Honor author of Titanic: Voices from the Disaster
  • * "Favreau weaves vivid, succinct accounts of the volatile U.S.-Soviet relationship into his tension-inducing spy stories... Black-and-white photos and excellent supplemental material...enhance the reader's understanding of this riveting, timely topic." —Publishers Weekly, starred review
    PW starred review
  • Praise for Crash:
    A New York Public Library Best Book of 2018
    A Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2018
    A 2018 Booklist Editors' Choice title
    A 2019 Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
    An ALA Notable Children's Book of 2019
    A Bank Street College Best Children's Book

    "Crash does a great job of mixing personal stories with big-picture history, delivering a compelling narrative about the Great Depression--and about how Americans' reaction to it changed our country forever."
    Steve Sheinkin, National Book Award Finalist and Newbery Honor author of Bomb and Most Dangerous

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Nov 14, 2023
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Marc Favreau

About the Author

Marc Favreau is the acclaimed author of Crash: The Great Depression and the Fall and Rise of America,Spies: The Secret Showdown Between America and Russia, Attacked! Pearl Harbor and the Day War Came to America, and (with Michael Eric Dyson) Unequal: A Story of America. Favreau is also the director of editorial projects at The New Press. He lives with his family in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

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