Amir and the Jinn Princess

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By M. T. Khan

Read by Fajer Al-Kaisi

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In this mesmerizing novel, a wealthy young boy searching for his mother teams up with a fiery jinn princess all while battling in a tournament of heirs—and trying to keep his life from changing forever.

Twelve-year-old Amir is one of the heirs to the Rafiq Bricks Company, a wealthy brick kiln business in Pakistan—except he wants none of it. Seeing straight through the jeweled smiles and transactional conversations, Amir would rather spend time in the courtyard garden, where he can almost feel his missing mother’s presence again. 
Amir is devastated when his baba announces plans to remarry by the end of the summer, dropping all searches to find Amir’s mother. It’s all a business move, just like everything else in his life. His mother was the only one who allowed him to feel normal, but the last anyone’s seen of her was a year ago.
But Amir isn’t ready to give up yet—determined to find his mother before his life changes forever, Amir teams up with a high-spirited, wide-eyed, shape-shifting jinn princess named Shamsa. His exact opposite. The two make a deal—Shamsa will help Amir navigate the twisty and mysterious realm of jinn, and in exchange Amir must use his wits to help Shamsa win a tournament of heirs and put her on the throne. 
Amir and Shamsa must contend with silver-tongued tricksters and magical rivals, and a truth far more devastating than Amir ever expected.…


  • Praise for Amir and the Jinn Princess:

    *"Captivatingly well written and magical."
    Kirkus, starred review
  • Praise for Nura and the Immortal Palace

    "With gorgeous, atmospheric writing, M.T. Khan tells a bold tale that challenges greed and inequality as the tough and clever Nura fights the odds from the mica mines of rural Pakistan to a realm of jinn and magic."
    Xiran Jay Zhao, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Iron Widow and Zachary Ying series
  • *"This action-packed story set in a Muslim community moves at a fast pace, with evocative writing that brings the fantasy world to life and lyrical imagery to describe emotions. An enthralling fantasy debut exploring exploitation by those in power."
    Kirkus, starred review
  • *"A strong purchase for any fantasy collection, but especially those wanting to feature culturally diverse stories."
    School Library Journal, starred review
  • "This high-stakes, immersive fantasy will be sure to stay with readers long after they finish it."
    Booklist, starred review
  • "Meticulous plotting and layered lore elevate Khan’s debut, while Nura and Faisal’s friendship grounds the high-stakes story about burgeoning labor consciousness."
    Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • "Beautifully imaginative and full of humor, heart, and characters to root for, Nura and the Immortal Palace is a grand adventure of a book."
    Christina Li, author of Clues to the Universe
  • "Both startling and beautiful. Nura will win your heart in the first pages of this magical adventure with surprises at every turn."
    J.C. Cervantes, best-selling author of The Storm Runner series
  • "Nura and the Immortal Palace is a debut that glimmers as captivatingly and intensely as the mica its protagonist mines. Every word is a thoughtfully selected gem, every scene gripping and intensely wrought. The result is an adventure that is dangerously beautiful and will make sure readers are both enchanted and excited for every page turn. M.T. Khan is a wordsmith to watch, and name to remember."
    Karuna Riazi, author of The Gauntlet
  • "M.T. Khan weaves a magical tale brimming with themes of friendship, family, and hope - interspersed with delicious foods and enthralling lore. Readers will root for brave Nura from the gripping beginning to the breathtaking conclusion. Action-packed, heartfelt, timeless!"
    Katie Zhao, author of The Dragon Warrior and Winnie Zeng series

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Jul 23, 2024
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M. T. Khan

About the Author

M.T. Khan is a speculative fiction author with a penchant for all things myth, science, and philosophy. She focuses on stories that combine all three, dreaming of evocative worlds and dark possibilities. When she's not writing, she has her nose deep in physics textbooks or glued to her CAD computer as she majors in Mechanical Engineering. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, she currently resides in Toronto, Canada, with a hyperactive cat and an ever-increasing selection of tea. Nura and the Immortal Palace is her debut novel.

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