Out in All Directions

A Treasury of Gay and Lesbian America


Edited by Lynn Witt

Edited by Sherry Thomas

Edited by Eric Marcus

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“Fascinating..provocative and funny.” — Contax Guide

There has never been a better time to show the world – both gay and nongay – the depth and breadth of the people, the history, and the communities that have been created by gay men and lesbians.

Out in All Directions presents a broad picture of the myriad cultures and achievements of gay people in society at large. Every chapter uncovers history, illuminates gay and lesbian life, explodes myths, and breaks new ground. The margins of text contain hundreds of sidebars: quotes, little known facts (“Did you know…”), and other outrageous comments (“Can you believe it?”). Cartoons, photographs, and other graphics are also included to illustrate and inform the the accompanying essays and articles.

Out in All Directions is an entertaining, informative, and exciting exploration of the many rich facets of all that we call gay and lesbian.


  • "Packed with wonderful articles, lists, photos, and quotes."
    Women's Monthly
  • "[A] superb addition to the field of gay and lesbian studies...A must for the complete library, this is one of those books you pore over for hours."
  • "Almost screamed to be a board game...Though humor and entertainment play a big part in the value of this book, there's also plenty of more sober information."
    Echo Magazine

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Sep 26, 2009
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656 pages