How Are You Feeling?

Explore All of Your Emotions


By Lisa Fyfe

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Discover the range of emotions—big, small and everything in between—with young readers in this interactive book featuring a feelings spinner wheel, fold-out deep breathing activity, and magic trick!

How are you feeling? Happy or sad? Excited or anxious? Maybe a little bit of everything all at once? In How Are You Feeling?, author Lisa Fyfe guides children through a range of emotions and helps them explore and identify their feelings. Guided breathing exercises teach kids to manage big emotions, and an interactive feelings wheel is a fun and engaging tool for parents and kids to communicate what's going on inside. Colorful illustrations and simple text create a space where young readers can get comfortable expressing how they feel, no matter how big or small their emotions might seem. 

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Sep 12, 2023
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32 pages

Lisa Fyfe

About the Author

Lisa Fyfe is a graphic designer living in San Diego with her husband, son, and dog, Pumpkin.

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