Do Mommies Ever Sleep?


By Kim Howard

Illustrated by Karen Obuhanych

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PERFECT FOR MOTHER'S DAY! Figure out what's keeping Mommy up all night in this funny rhyming story that's the perfect gift for new moms, told from baby's point of view. 

Mommy looks SO tired. I’ll show her bedtime’s fun! There’s lots of tricks to get to sleep. I’LL TEACH HER HOW IT’S DONE!

Baby can't help but wonder why Mommy never gets any sleep. Maybe Mommy doesn’t sleep because she lost her paci? Or she’s really hungry—or maybe she’s too gassy? Could the reason be not such a big mystery after all? But baby also has some wise and witty advice for all those mommies who never rest…

This funny tribute to the exhausting work of raising an infant, cleverly told from the baby’s point of view, provides plenty of much-needed laughs for all those sleepless nights (and days)!


  • "This gently humorous, knowing story has an adult sensibility and will make a good gift for baby showers and new parents.... An exuberant story that might encourage older children to consider Mom’s needs more often."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "This fantastic story for families, for tired mothers, and for curious children is a great addition to any school or personal library."
    School Library Journal

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Mar 26, 2024
Page Count
40 pages

Kim Howard

About the Author

Kim Howard has also written Grace and Box, the winner of the 2022 Indiana Authors Award in the Children’s category. She holds a PhD in curriculum studies, and her writing has been featured in outlets such as Scary Mommy and Her View from Home. She frequently speaks at schools, moms’ groups, and libraries. Kim lives in southern Indiana with her family and invites you to visit her at

Karen Obuhanych has illustrated a number of children’s books and is the author and artist of This Little Kitty. She received a BFA in painting from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and her original paintings can be found in a select group of fine-art galleries from the US mainland to the Hawaiian Islands. Karen currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii and invites you to visit her at

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