The 5 Principles

A Revolutionary Path to Health, Inner Wealth, and Knowledge of Self


By Khnum ‘Stic’ Ibomu

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This motivational and practical book guides readers through one man's life-saving quest for health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. 

Award-winning rapper, producer, and champion of healthy living — Khnum Ibomu, widely known as ‘Stic’ from the revolutionary but gangsta hip-hop duo, dead prez, has inspired millions with his music and lifestyle. But he wasn’t always the people’s champ of healthy living in hip-hop.  

As a young musician on the rise in the late nineties, Stic was no stranger to self-destructive lifestyle habits like excessive drinking, abusing weed, and poor dietary choices. Ultimately his health paid the price, resulting in a dangerous diagnosis, leading him to found the inspirational healthy lifestyle brand and cultural movement, RBG FIT CLUB, and pioneer his own ground-breaking genre of music called “Fit Hop.”  

Stic’s relatable, non-preachy, proactive and integrative approach to wellness is centered around 5 principles:
The 5 Principles empowers readers to experience the wealth of wellbeing via the numerous tools and disciplines that Stic has lived and learned. 

  • "Stic is the people’s champ of holistic wellness in Hip Hop.”
    Erykah Badu, multi-platinum singer songwriter, doula, cultural icon

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Oct 18, 2022
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Khnum ‘Stic’ Ibomu

About the Author

Stic is one half of the duo that comprises Dead Prez, a Hip Hop group that is synonymous with raising awareness for social justice. Widely considered to be one of the realest and most respected voices in Hip Hop, Stic is also known for the new sub-genre of workout music  he calls Fit Hop and his holistic health and wellness advocacy.  Stic is currently based in Atlanta where he continues his music career while also successfully managing multiple projects as an author, certified long distance running coach, and co-founder of the RBG FIT CLUB lifestyle brand.

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