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By Kaylie Smith

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Caraval meets Throne of the Fallen in this “wickedly delightful and addictively delicious” romantasy where a dangerous partnership is a necromancer’s only chance to save her sister from a deadly contest—but their alliance puts her at risk of breaking the game’s most vital rule (Sophie Kim, author of The God and the Gumiho)

When Ophelia and her sister discovers their mother brutally murdered, there is no time to grieve: Ophelia has inherited both her powerful death-driven magic and enormous debt on their home. Circumstances go from dire to deadly, however, when Ophelia’s sister decides to pay off the loan by entering Phantasma—a competition where most contestants don’t make it out alive and the winner is granted a single wish.

The only way to save her sister is to compete. But Phantasma is a cursed manor, with twisting corridors and lavish ballrooms, and filled with enticing demons and fatal temptations. Ophelia will need to face nine floors of challenges to win . . . if her fears don’t overtake her first.

When a charming, arrogant stranger claims he can protect and guide Ophelia, she knows she shouldn’t trust him. While Blackwell may not seem dangerous, appearances can be deceptive. But with her sister’s life on the line, Ophelia can’t afford to turn him away. She just needs to ignore the overwhelming, dark attraction drawing them closer and closer together.

Because in Phantasma, the only thing deadlier than losing the game is losing your heart . . .


  • Spellbinding, suspenseful, and spicy, PHANTASMA is a darkly romantic romp that will take your breath away. Smith has deftly woven the nine levels of hell into a tale that’s as swoon-worthy as it is bloody, and readers will love following Ophelia through a game of wit and nightmares. Combined with thoughtful neurodivergent rep and twists I didn’t see coming, this is a story that kept me reading long into the night!

    M. K. Lobb, author of the Seven Faceless Saints duology

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Sep 3, 2024
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512 pages

Kaylie Smith

About the Author

Kaylie Smith (she/they) is a writer and lover of all things fantasy. They grew up in Louisiana where they frequently haunted bookstores and practiced her craft. After college she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an author, but when she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found at home with her menagerie of animals, fussing over their houseplants, or annoying people about astrology.

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