Sometime in Summer


By Katrina Leno

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From critically acclaimed author Katrina Leno comes a tender love letter to books and summertime, with a touch of magic.

Anna Lucia Bell believes in luck: bad luck. Bad luck made her best friend stop talking to her. Bad luck caused her parents’ divorce. Bad luck is forcing her mother, Miriam, to sell the family’s beloved bookstore. And it is definitely bad luck that Anna seems to be the only person in the world Miriam is unable to recommend a life-changing book.

When Anna finds out that she and her mom are spending two months in a New England seaside town called Rockport, she expects a summer plagued with bad luck too. But Rockport has surprises in store for Anna, including a comet making its first appearance in over twenty years and two new—but familiar—friends.

In what will prove to be the most important summer of her life so far, Anna learns about love, herself, and the magic that an ordinary summer can bring.


  • "Lightheartedly intimate…this will find fans in readers who enjoy Alice Hoffman and other contemporary narratives set in New England that come with a touch of magic."
  • "Leno immerses readers in an intoxicating small town with old-fashioned charm….This coming-of-age tale of love and family with a touch of magical realism will appeal to readers who are around Anna’s age."
  • "Leno’s thought-provoking narrative blends past, present, and light fantasy to explore one teen’s transformative seaside summer."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "An intriguing coming-of-age story about adapting to unsought, inescapable change."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Sometime in Summer promises all the dreamy, mystical hot-weather vibes we are looking for."
    Melissa Albert, New York Times bestselling author of The Hazel Wood
  • "Beautifully written, heartfelt, and downright magical. Sometime in Summer is a page-turning tale of friendship, family, and true love."
    Aaron Karo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Lexapros and Cons
  • "A coming-of-age summer story filled to the brim with unexpected magic. Katrina Leno has the ability to make one summer in a small town seem truly expansive."
    Lucy Keating, author of Dreamology and Ride With Me

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Jun 28, 2022
Page Count
416 pages

About the Author

NOVL - Headshot photo of Katrina Leno

Katrina Leno was born on the East Coast and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels, including You Must Not Miss, Horrid, and Sometime in Summer. You can visit her online at

From NOVL Nation

Sometime in Summer is built in small, important moments, in conversations and personal connections. It’s built in books and nostalgia. And it is just so perfect.”

—Jessica, @readbelievelove

“The family dynamic is…raw and real and heartbreaking.”

—Celia, @celiamcmahonreads

“This book felt like going back home to me… This book is the perfect summertime read. Katrina has written the perfect bookstore love letter to the 14-year-old girls who need them.”

—Jacqueline, Purposelyunperfect

“This book made me want to hop on a plane from LA to Massachusetts, just like Anna and her mom did. As an East Coaster living in SoCal, it was the perfect blend of nostalgia and summertime magic.”

—Maura, @thenovelmaura

“With a strong mother daughter relationship at its core – and tons of bookworms – Sometime in Summer is a book that sneaks up on you. At about halfway point, when some pretty interesting things begin to slot in place, I realized I was entirely obsessed. When you get there, you’ll know what I mean, but there are tons of surprises in store.”

—Lili, @utopia.state.of.mind


Katrina Leno

About the Author

Katrina Leno was born on the East Coast and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels, including You Must Not Miss, Horrid, and Sometime in Summer. The Umbrella Maker’s Son is her middle grade debut. She has always loved the rain.

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