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Guess My Animal!

Children's Books / Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals / General

Date de parution: October 3rd 2023

Guess My Animal!

Endangered Species Charades; A Roaring, Dancing, Wiggling Game for the Whole Family!

The charade activities in the card game Guess My Animal! introduce kids to the amazing and weird behaviors of 40 different animals: Roll into a ball like a frightened pangolin. Take a break and lie face down on the floor like a sunflower starfish. Hang around, slowly chewing, like a pygmy three-toed sloth. Crack shells on your belly like a sea otter. Smile and wave your frilled gills like an axolotl. Lie in wait, then lunge for your pray like a crocodile. Hunch up your shoulders, look down, and pretend to vomit on yourself like a nervous California condor!  From the aye-aye to the colorful puffleg hummingbird and the golden poison frog, every animal is featured on its own colorfully illustrated card along with simple instructions on how to act out one aspect of that animal’s distinctive behavior and challenge the other players to identify the animal. The deck is accompanied by instructions for beginner, middle level, and advanced players, a poster showing all of the 40 featured animals, and a booklet with more interesting information about each animal. This creative play card game makes learning fun and engaging for kids ages 6 and up, along with their adults.
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Page Count: 44

ISBN-13: 9781635866223

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