Birds of the Pacific Northwest


By John Shewey

By Tim Blount

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Ideal for birders, hikers, and foragers, the Timber Press Field Guides are the perfect tools for loving where you live.
Birds of the Pacific Northwest is a comprehensive field guide to commonly found birds in the region, including common favorites and rare curiosities. This full-color guide includes precise descriptions of voices, behaviors, and habitats and details the top birding sites across the Pacific Northwest. Range maps for each species provide valuable information for identification.
  • Covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia
  • Describes and illustrates nearly 400 bird species
  • 870 spectacular photographs of relevant plumages and birds in flight
  • Individual range maps, showing seasonal and migratory patterns
  • Easy to use for beginners and experts alike


  • “The field guide is for all levels of bird watchers. . . . All you need is a pair of binoculars and this book to become an expert.” —The Oregonian

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Mar 1, 2017
Page Count
560 pages
Timber Press

John Shewey

John Shewey

About the Author

Lifelong birding enthusiast John Shewey is a veteran writer, editor, and professional outdoor photographer, with credits in Birdwatching, Portland Monthly, Northwest Travel & Life, and dozens of other magazines, and co-author of Birds of the Pacific Northwest, a Timber Press Field Guide. John has photographed birds from the mountains of Alaska to the jungles of Central America to the islands of the Caribbean, and his website chronicles many of these travels in rich photographic detail. Visit him at

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