The Remarkably Funny and Tragic Journey of Golf's David Feherty


By John Feinstein

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The definitive biography of enigmatic golfer, commentator, and performer David Feherty—one of the most universally beloved figures in the game. 

John Feinstein and David Feherty have known each other for years, beginning with Feinstein’s work on A Good Walk Spoiled, researched and written at a time when Feherty was an excellent player, who won five times in Europe and was on the '91 Ryder Cup team, but also a functioning alcoholic. In retirement from the game, Feherty has sobered up and his golf world persona has grown in stature. He is now a grand ambassador for golf; a man feted by US Presidents and respected by every big name in the game. 
Feinstein tells hilarious true tales about Feherty’s time in the limelight and interactions with stars such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Payne Stewart, and Seve Ballesteros. He also details Feherty’s struggles with alcoholism, the death of his son who was lost to addiction, and the highs and lows of Feherty’s marriages. Feinstein captures the human being behind the athlete, and his triumphant rebound as a golf commentator after his athletic career came to an end. Feherty is a fall-down-funny, self-deprecating lifelong underdog who has used the difficult experiences of his life as a source for humor and understanding, which Feinstein mines with an expert’s touch. 

  • “Remarkable, and a compelling roller coaster ride about one of my favorite persons. Great book.”
    Jay Bilas, ESPN
  • “John Feinstein’s new biography of the golfer and commentator is rich with anecdotes and a glimpse of his darker side…. John Feinstein’s entertaining new book, Feherty, captures it all — and adds a few moreover-the-top tales to the Feherty legend…. Feinstein writes in a book that shows, again, the author’s ability to get his subjects to open up.”
    The Washington Post
  • “Feinstein tells the tale of a middle-tier Irish golf professional who finds success as the resident funnyman on American golf telecasts and then as the surprisingly insightful host of a prime-time interview show on the Golf Channel…Off-stage, though, he was haunted by sadness. This is a theme that Mr. Feinstein explores with sympathy, aided by Mr. Feherty’s own unflinching self-analysis.”
    The Wall Street Journal
  • “An affectionate portrait of the popular Northern Irish golfer and commentator. Interviewing numerous people in Feherty’s orbit as well as the man himself, prolific sportswriter Feinstein profiles his good friend in an engaging biography. He nimbly chronicles his subject’s early years in his usual crisp, polished prose….Terrific personal anecdotes pepper the text, providing both frivolity and insights into the game.”
    Kirkus Reviews
  • “[A] great book.”
    Sports360 (AZ)
  • “Renowned author John Feinstein has delivered his definitive biography [on Feherty], which will give you a greater appreciation for how he got here….Feinstein does an excellent job throughout the book of showing how, just when one part of Feherty's life is on the rise, he faces adversity elsewhere.”
    Brooklyn Digest
  • “Feinstein is a fantastic story-teller and author and this book is anything but varnished as we learn more about the Feherty story.”
    Fore!Golfers Network
  • Feherty is a lighthearted yet poignant story of a man who achieved modest success as a golf pro and then skyrocketed to fame as a commentator and Renaissance man of the world. For both avid and casual fans of the sport, it is an affectionate and entertaining biography….The book is loaded with anecdotes from Feherty’s life. Feinstein is a brilliant writer and reporter, and the stories range from laugh-out-loud funny to moving….The triumphs and tragedies of his life have been handsomely chronicled by a truly accomplished writer who has produced another in a long line of sports masterpieces. This glorious portrait of a beloved sports figure whose life behind the cameras was a constant struggle is thoughtful, candid and balanced. You will enjoy reading it.”
  • "A great book."
    The Bob & Tom Show
  • "It's well worth [the read]."
    Gary Williams, 5 Clubs

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John Feinstein

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John Feinstein is the author of forty-five books, including two #1 New York Times bestsellers, A Season on the Brink and A Good Walk Spoiled. His mystery novel, Last Shot, won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for mystery writing in the Young Adult category. He is a member of six Halls of Fame and is a contributing columnist for The Washington Post. Additionally, he does color commentary for VCU basketball, George Mason basketball, and Longwood basketball. He is also does commentary for the Navy radio network and is a regular on The Sports Junkies in his hometown of Washington, DC.

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