Your Birthday

Unlock the Power of the Day You Were Born with Astrology, Tarot, and More

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By Jessica Adams

With Rachel Wells

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Discover the magic and meaning of the day you were born with Your Birthday, a captivating and comprehensive guide to personality and destiny. Renowned astrologer Jessica Adams, along with Sunday Times bestselling author Rachel Wells, provide a global exploration of birthdays, drawing on Tarot, Western Astrology, Eastern Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and more for all 365 days of the year. 

What does the day of your birth mean—for your life, your personality, your strengths, and your dreams? What does your Indian moon sign tell you about your destiny? What does folklore and history say about the day you were born?
Uncover the answers within Your Birthday, your complete resource for understanding the role your birth date plays in every facet of life, using:
  • Sun Signs in Western Astrology
  • Asian Zodiac Signs
  • Ancient Egyptian Decans
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Tarot Reading
The book's first half incorporates monthly and day-by-day chapters, allowing for the study of birthdays from all angles. Each date-based entry also touches on the significance of the day in popular culture, showing not just the mystical but the social resonances of birthdays. Readers will discover celebrities who share their birthday month, day, and sign, as well as in-depth discussions of birthstones, birth flowers, emblematic animals, and Native American Moon correspondences for each month. 

In the second half of the book, readers will gain a wholly unique understanding of their birthday through a nuanced and specific discussion of tarot. Each of the 78 cards is explored in-depth and contextualized within its appearance within birthday-specific tarot spreads. Further parallels are drawn between birthday readings and the specific imagery and history of Pamela Colman Smith's iconic Rider-Waite-Smith deck. 

Anyone looking to understand themselves, their friends, family, coworkers, and more will find endless insights within Your Birthday

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Oct 15, 2024
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704 pages
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Jessica Adams

About the Author

JESSICA ADAMS is the author of the #1 US and Australia Amazon bestseller, 2020 Astrology. She hosts the #1 UK Apple spirituality podcast, The Astrology Show. Her website has 2 million visitors every year.

Praise for Jessica Adams: “Her last reading, auctioned off by the Red Cross, went for £1000.” —HARPER’S BAZAAR

RACHEL WELLS is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Alfie series, now in twelve languages. Writing as  Faith Bleasdale, she has worked with Jessica Adams on the Girls’ Night In series (Penguin), Holiday Goddess (HarperCollins), and is the author of The Aries Billionaire (Audible UK) the first in the Leo Moon Detective Astrologer series, on which Jessica Adams is the consultant.

Praise for Rachel Wells: “Must have!” —THE DAILY EXPRESS

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