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Nonfiction / History / Military / Iraq War (2003-2011) / Wars & Conflicts / Iraq War (2003-2011)

Date de parution: May 27th 2008


The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

The groundbreaking bestselling expose of the shadowy mercenary army that perpetrated horrific war crimes in America’s name. On September 16, 2007, machine gun fire erupted in Baghdad’s Nisour Square, leaving seventeen Iraqi civilians dead, among them women and children. The shooting spree, labeled “Baghdad’s Bloody Sunday,” was neither the work of Iraqi insurgents nor U.S. soldiers. The shooters were private forces, subcontractors working for the secretive mercenary company, Blackwater Worldwide, led by Erik Prince

Award-winning journalist Jeremy Scahill takes us from the bloodied streets of Iraq to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans to the chambers of power in Washington, to reveal the frightening new face of the U.S. military machine, and what happens when you outsource war.“A crackling expose” — New York Times Book Review“[Scahill] is a one-man truth squad” — Bill Moyers“[An] utterly gripping and explosive story” — Naomi Klein, The Guardian
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Page Count: 560

ISBN-13: 9781568583945

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