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The Couple's Guide to Financial Compatibility

Nonfiction / Family & Relationships / Marriage & Long-term Relationships

Date de parution: March 31st 2015

The Couple's Guide to Financial Compatibility

Avoid Fights about Spending and Saving -- and Build a Happy and Secure Future Together

Financial problems exact a toll on any couple. Long before you realize you are living well beyond your means, the burden of debt wreaks havoc in your life. Invariably, a basic lack of communication about money is to blame. This is where Certified Financial Planner Jeff Motske saves the day. Motske’s financial services firm has helped tens of thousands of couples nationwide find happiness in love and money.

The Couple’s Guide to Financial Compatibility is the book to read now in order to avoid break-ups, divorce, or shelling out thousands of dollars in therapy later. It’s filled with vital tips to help anyone at any relationship stage achieve financial freedom. Following a logical progression from combining finances to retirement planning, Motske gives you the tools you need to keep your finances healthy and the bond with your loved one strong. In an easy-to-follow style, this guide is organized around the questions partners need to ask each other, including:

How do we align our goals and expectations?
What do we need to discuss as a couple before we begin investing?
What if one of us loses our job?
Can we afford to have kids?
What’s the best way to teach our kids about money?
What’s the best way to get our kids through college?
How do we take care of our kids and our parents at the same time?
Do we have enough money saved up to retire?

and over 100 more
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Page Count: 256

ISBN-13: 9780738218168

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"Love is not all you need. If your finances are not in good shape, your marriage is headed for trouble. Jeff Motske's superb guide shows the path through the minefields to put your marriage on a solid financial foundation."—Phil DeMuth, PhD
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