Take Out Chef

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By Gaby Cabezut

Read by Rachel Mazz

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Audiobook Download (Unabridged)

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Jessica Summers works all day to support her family. Her social life consists of having dinner in front of the television watching Chef Tom’s magical hands prepare foods. Being a chef is her lifelong dream, but since her mom passed away, being there for her brother and helping ease the burden for her quirky grandmother are her priority.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when her brother signs her up in an experimental program to help young delinquents. Chef Tom Simmons and chef Bryan Sullen head the project, and when they meet, Jessie is hoping to get a spot in the school — despite her non-criminal record — not to find a new job. Yet, Tom is in desperate need of a new assistant, and Jessie is the perfect fit.
Bryan has a rough faeade. He’s obnoxious and bossy, but shows moments of kindness too. Their romance blossoms between remaking messy souffles and baking crispy croissants. When they have plans to start dating, Bryan has an emergency and shuts down on Jessie.
When Bryan comes back, Jesse must decide to follow her heart and give the man she loves a chance to open up, or let him go for good.


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Sep 26, 2017

Gaby Cabezut

About the Author

Gaby Cabezut is a romance writer that believes that we could all do with a bit of romance and magic in our lives. She aims to make you forget about your daily routine as you laugh and swoon with her characters.

Her first language is Spanish, but she always wanted to write in English, and found the chance to do so on Wattpad, where her stories have gathered over eighty-five million reads online.

She divides her time between her family, her words and her baking creations. Her published books are sweet and contemporary romances that will bright up your life like a batch of fresh baked brownies.

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