Thorns, Lust, and Glory

The Betrayal of Anne Boleyn

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By Estelle Paranque

Read by Anna Wilson-Jones

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Anne Boleyn has mesmerized people for centuries. Her tragic execution, orchestrated by her own husband, the infamous Henry VIII, never ceases to intrigue. How did this courtier's daughter become the queen of England, and what was it that really tore apart this illustrious marriage, making her the whore of England, an abandoned woman executed on the scaffold? While many stories of Anne Boleyn's downfall have been told, few have truly traced the origins of her tragic fate.
In Thorns, Lust, and Glory, Estelle Paranque takes us back to where it all started: to France, where Anne learned the lessons that would set her on the path to becoming one of England's most infamous queens. At the court of the French king as a resourceful teenage girl, Anne's journey to infamy began, and this landmark biography explores the world that shaped her, and how these loyalties would leave her vulnerable, leading to her ruin at the English court. Featuring new archival research from sources across Europe, this book reveals the girl before the myth–and the formidable woman she grew up to become.
A fascinating new perspective on Tudor history's most enduring story, Thorns, Lust, and Glory is an unmissable account of a queen on the edge.

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Nov 12, 2024
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Estelle Paranque

About the Author

DR. ESTELLE PARANQUE is an Assistant Professor in History at NCH at Northeastern (London campus). She has been featured in several international historical television documentaries, including The Boleyns: A ScandalousFamily and Secrets d’Histoire, as well as the history podcasts like HistoryHit, Not Just the Tudors, and Talking Tudors. She is also the author of Elizabeth I of England Through Valois Eyes.


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