The Secrets of the Little Greek Taverna


By Erin Palmisano

Read by Gail Shalan

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The ultimate beach read, with a Chocolat-esque touch of magical realism, this debut novel will delight and charm readers from start to finish, whisking them off to a Greek Island where food and wine are the stuff of life, where friendships lift you up, and love has a way of catching you when you’re least expecting it.

In a village on Naxos lies a gorgeous guest house and taverna that never opened. Cressida’s husband died suddenly three years ago – the taverna was their dream – but she’s been too lost in grief to keep that dream alive.

Marjory "Jory" St. James, a young traveler who always feels more at home on the move, arrives on Naxos in the middle of the night as if summoned by the island. She quite unexpectedly becomes Cressida’s very first guest.

Jory quickly discovers that this island vacation is more than just a sightseeing adventure as all of the women in town are more than what they seem. But when a hotel group offers to buy Cressida's taverna, it's going to take all of Jory and Cressida's drive and expertise to keep that from happening. With a generous dash of romance, deliciously tempting Greek food, and a growing friendship, can these two women find a way to finally open the little Greek taverna?

  • "Featuring a charming cast of characters, The Secrets of the Little Greek Taverna is a love letter to Greece and to listening to one's intuition. Readers will fall head-over-heels for this engaging story that's weaved together by magic."
    Annette Christie, author of The Rehearsals and For Twice in My Life
  • "The most delicious of novels… I dare you not to fall in love!"
    Soraya M. Lane, author of The Italian Daughter
  • "This is such a sweet, warm-hearted book brimming with generosity. The characters, the relationships, the food, and the setting are evocatively drawn and had me yearning to escape to a Greek island. A perfect and pleasurable holiday read."
    Anne Tiernan, author of The Last Days of Joy

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May 7, 2024
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Erin Palmisano

About the Author

Erin Palmisano is a dual NZ and US citizen. She grew up reading books and has always wanted to write stories of food, wine, and travel that come together with a hint of magic. Erin and her chef partner live in New Zealand, where they own and operate three restaurants.

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