By Erin Connor

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When a recently-dumped TV heartthrob gets stuck in an elevator with a jaded romance novelist, he enlists her to ruin romance for him—one rom-com trope at a time—so he never gets swept off his feet and into the tabloids ever again. 

Sawyer Greene knows romance. She’s a bestselling author of the genre—or she was, until her college girlfriend left her with nothing but writer’s block and bitterness. So when Sawyer gets stuck in an elevator with a handsome stranger, she sees it for what it is: NOT a meet-cute, but a chance encounter with a charming man whom she will sleep with exactly once and go on her HEA-avoiding way. Easy enough…until she runs into him again at a Christmas market straight out of a Hallmark holiday movie. 

Tired of heartbreak, Mason West recognizes Sawyer’s reappearance in his life for what it is: a sign. Obviously, they’re meant to cure each other—him of his hopeless romanticism and Sawyer of her writer’s block. And the timing couldn’t be better. Mason’s career is at a crossroads, and he needs to stay single to turn media attention away from his disastrous love life and towards his budding production company. Similarly, Sawyer’s editor is breathing down her neck for the book she was supposed to turn in months ago—and has yet to start. 

Their agreement is simple: Sawyer will become the quintessential romcom love interest of Mason’s dreams, showering him in grand gestures, meet-cutes, and tropes so he never falls for them again. Only rules? 1. No more sex, and 2. No matter how swoony the circumstances, absolutely no falling in love. 

It’s a foolproof plan. Until Sawyer and Mason find that, once set in motion, some plots cannot be stopped—and despite their best efforts, they might be hurtling towards a happy ending… 


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Jan 14, 2025
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352 pages

Erin Connor

About the Author

Erin has been telling herself stories for as long as she can remember, and once she realized she could write them down and share them with others, there was no going back. She loves writing about messy women, platonic and romantic love, and happily ever afters.

Erin lives in the PNW with her spouse, two large dogs, two lazy cats, and more houseplants than she can count. When not exploring fictional worlds, she enjoys hiking, cooking, emo nostalgia, and slowly but surely actualizing her lifelong goal of becoming a forest witch.

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