The Borderlands Tarot/ El Tarot de Tierras Fronterizas

A Bilingual Deck and Guidebook (Spanish-English)


By Enid Baxter Ryce

By Luis Cámara

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This deluxe, fully bilingual tarot deck (in English and Spanish) is a beautifully hand-painted evocative exploration of the ecosystem inspired by the border between the U.S. and Mexico, complete with a bilingual guidebook for card readings and housed in a keepsake box.

  • Unique, inclusive bilingual deck in English and Spanish: This tarot deck takes the traditional tarot elements (Major and Minor Arcana) and interprets it through the lens of the natural world, inspired by the landscape of the border between two countries. Filled with references to the animals that roam the landscape, the cool desert tones, and the spirit and traditions of borderlands, this is an enchanting take on traditional tarot, exploring “in between” physical and spiritual spaces.
  • Deluxe Set: This set includes 78 full-color illustrated tarot cards (3 X 5 inches), shrink wrapped in an interior travel case; a 208-page, full-color illustrated flexibind book (4 3/4 X 6 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box.
  • Fully illustrated guidebook: The flexibind guidebook provides an illustrated introduction to the tarot deck, uses, and a breakdown of elements, with descriptions of each card and suggested interpretations, as well as instructions and diagrams for sample readings. When the reader flips and reverses the guidebook, they will find the Spanish version of the text.
  • Beautiful, full-color art: The Borderlands Tarot/Tarot de Tierras Fronterizas features inspiring and magical hand-painted and drawn art, filled with bright colors and unique illustrations of the natural world.
  • A perfect gift: A perfect gift for the mystical and nature lover

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Aug 20, 2024
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Photo of author Enid Baxter Ryce

Enid Baxter Ryce

About the Author

Enid Baxter Ryce is a visual artist who has exhibited at museums internationally, including the National Gallery of Art, the Getty, and the Arnolfini. A descendant of three Salem witches, she has been reading cards since early childhood. Enid is a Professor of Arts and Environmental Studies who co-edited/co-authored a research guide for the Library of Congress about the ecology and history of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands entitled “El Otro Lado” (The Other Side): Geographies, Boundaries, and Imaginations of Space.

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Luis Cámara

About the Author

Hailing from Mexico City, Luis Cámara is a filmmaker and screenwriter who received an Ariel nomination for his screenplay You’re Killing Me Susana. His 2014 film Silencio, which premiered at the Oaxaca International Film Festival, features a young boy who uses Lotería cards to try to understand the world around him. He is also a Professor of Cinematic Arts at CSU Monterey Bay.

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