The Burn Boot Camp 5-Step Strategy for Inner and Outer Strength


By Devan Kline

By Morgan Kline

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The founders of Burn Boot Camp offer a healthy lifestyle plan for people who struggle with their self-improvement—featuring 12 exclusive workouts and 50 recipes you can make in 10 minutes or less. 

How do you create a life you love?  As the visionary and CEO of Burn Boot Camp, one of the fastest growing health franchises in the world, cofounders Devan and Morgan Kline have spent years devising the ultimate plan to answer that question.  Now they share all their best advice in Burn, your five-point plan to stop self-sabotage and break bad habits like eating junk food, drinking too much, and not exercising enough; and once and for all, you can end depression and experience greater happiness.  Burn is a book for people who struggle with their self-improvement efforts.  One powerful assertion sets this book radically apart from others in this category: when your body moves, your psychology changes for the better. Your feelings, thoughts, motivation, and behaviors (“inner strength”) improve.  Your mind goes where your body leads, not the other way around.
Devan and Morgan bring you a five-point strategic plan that will allow you to transform your life:
Burn:  Move your body to create powerful shifts in how you carry yourself through life.  The Klines provide you with a series of unique, fun, and challenging workouts.
Believe:  Break negative patterns, find your true motivation, identify internal resistance, adjust your attitude, build a plan, and create momentum to create lasting change.
Nourish:  Form nutritional habits that help you achieve a sustained healthy body without deprivation and restriction in just five small actions with fifty ten-minute recipes.
Achieve:  Identify your true, overarching, guiding life goal and create actionable steps to realize it.
Connect:  Learn how to connect optimally with family, friends, and loved ones so you have a network of support and encouragement.
No matter who you are, what shape you’re in, or the setbacks you’ve endured, you can move forward to create the life you want—starting right now.

  • “Devan and Morgan Kline have not just created a fitness revolution; they've ignited a powerful community movement.  Burn Boot Camp is more than a gym—it's a family, transforming lives not solely through exercise, but also through the profound strength of connection.  Their approach has pioneered a new path in the fitness world, demonstrating that the heart of real change lies in unity.  Through their dedication, countless individuals have discovered not just the power of physical health, but the transformative impact of belonging, support, and collective empowerment.”
    Chris Powell, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss
  • “Devan and Morgan’s work ethic, leadership, and knowledge inspire me on my journey as a professional athlete, husband, and father.” 
    Will Grier, NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy Finalist
  • “Devan and Morgan are pioneers in their industry, understanding the balance of developing not only the body, but the engine behind it all: your mindset.  This book is a MUST READ if you’re looking to optimize your body AND your mindset.”
    Derick Grant, mindset performance coach
  • “From the moment I met Devan and Morgan, you could tell right away that they are passionate about health and wellness. Their enthusiasm for community and helping others lead healthier lives is contagious and evident in their lifestyle. The positive energy radiates elevation.”
    Ron “Boss” Everline, celebrity trainer, founder of JustTrain
  • “Devan and Morgan Kline’s story will absolutely impact your ability to believe bigger. They are the real deal, and they lead by example. I have watched their story unfold for over a decade, and it has motivated me to keep moving in every area of life. This book will empower you to get moving and get excited about the life you can have and the happiness that is possible when you are around positive people and positive energy. This book is a must read!”
    Brooke Thomas, motivational speaker, founder of Live Out Loud
  •  “Burn Boot Camp creates a collaborative environment that empowers women.  This book is another way Morgan and Devan are strengthening busy moms, from the inside out. "
    Dr. Amanda Fisher, PT, DPT

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Devan Kline

About the Author

Devan Kline is the Visionary of Burn Boot Camp. He is a former professional baseball player turned health & fitness transformation expert and coach. He is the author Starting Over: Transform Your Fitness by Mastering Your Psychology. He lives in Charlotte, NC.

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Morgan Kline

About the Author

Morgan Kline is the CEO of Burn Boot Camp. She has personally trained more than 5,000 Burn members. She lives in Charlotte, NC.

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