He Is . . . I Say

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond


By David Wild

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He Is…I Say examines Neil Diamond's singular place in the pantheon of popular music. David Wild—who has written about Diamond for Rolling Stone, penned the liner notes to a number of Diamond's anthologies, and produced Diamond's scandal-free episode of Behind the Music. Now he dares to turn on his “Heartlight,” offering a moving and hilarious salute to his own Jewish Elvis based on his past interviews with the Solitary Man himself.

An illuminating snapshot of a beloved American icon, He Is…I Say endearingly speaks to the condition of being a Diamondhead in a hipper-than-thou world, while fully illustrating exactly what it is that makes the man and the artist so special.

  • Milwaukee Shepherd Express, 10/16/09
    “An enjoyable read, a highly personal take on ‘the Jewish Elvis.’ Aside from revealing the subject of his extended essay as something of a contrarian and more down to earth than even a fan would expect, Wild makes many interesting comments about critics, hipsters and their influence on the way cultural history in the 20th century was written.”

    Jewish Herald-Voice, 10/22/09
    “A tribute—no, more than that, it’s a love letter—to Neil…Wild is the ultimate (literate) fan of ‘the Jewish Elvis.’ And if you think of Diamond’s lyrics as poetry…then this book is for you."

    Midwest Book Review
    “David Wild has interviewed Neil Diamond for Rolling Stone and written the liner notes to several of his anthologies, so is the perfect choice for chronicling his life and times. Perfect for any popular music or general lending library.”

    American Profile, 1/10/2010
    “A witty, heartfelt and insightful biography-tribute to the Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter.”

    Florida Jewish Journal, 2/3/10
    “Wild has fully succeeded in setting forth the life and experiences of Neil Diamond…The result is a warm-hearted portrait of Diamond that will appeal to lovers of music and to a broader audience as well.”

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Oct 6, 2009
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David Wild

About the Author

David Wild is a New York Times bestselling author, a contributing editor to Rolling Stone, and an Emmy-nominated television writer and producer, as well as a popular blogger for Huffington Post and a frequent television commentator about popular music. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.

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