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I Cry in Corners

Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Date de parution: August 29th 2023

I Cry in Corners

Embracing Your Feelings, Throat-Punching Anxiety, and Managing Your Emotions Well

It's easy to get lost in all the feels. 

Our emotions drive so much of what we do, say, and think, even if we don’t realize it. Our response to our feelings—denying they exist, letting them lead our actions unchecked, distracting ourselves to avoid feeling them—can greatly impact our lives and those around us. Emotions are essential for everyday life, but how we navigate them in the storms of life will make or break us. 

In I Cry in Corners, pastor Chari Orozco takes the readers through the life of Jesus, examining the powerful emotional tests he faced and how he responded, from his terror in the Garden of Gethsemane to his righteous anger in the temple to his disappointment when those he loved best betrayed him.
In each chapter, Chari gives readers both practical and spiritual wisdom to help them respond to emotions like Jesus did. How do we steward our emotions when those closest people fail us? We turn around and wash the feet of the ones we love. How do we face temptation? We refuse to get hangry, resist the devil, and remember that our value lies not in what we have but how we love. How do we steward our emotions with maturity when the hurt we’ve suffered comes from those who claim to know and love Jesus? We do what Jesus did: choose our words wisely, keep our eyes on the joy set before us, and, if necessary, flip over some tables. Our feelings are a gift from God, and through the life and struggles of Jesus, we find a blueprint for honoring your feelings without getting lost in them.
Written with a wry, straight-talking, irreverent but always faithful tone, Chari effortlessly weaves together stories of the New Testament with her own insightful, humorous, and refreshingly candid anecdotes. The resulting book is an affirmation of feeling all the feels while encouraging readers to use their emotions as a catalyst for deep spiritual growth.
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Page Count: 240

ISBN-13: 9781546004233

What's Inside

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“In her relatable, insightful, and humorous personal illustrations, Chari clearly illustrates how to enlist God's help in transforming negative emotions into positive outcomes!”    
  —Pam Tebow, Author & Speaker
I Cry In Corners answers the question so many believers have found themselves asking: “Why am I not alright?” Chari doesn’t point you to culture’s latest wisdom on the topic, but points you to the only One who can get you out of anxiety, pain, depression, and overwhelm: Jesus. Chari is hilarious, refreshing, and real, and I know this book will be a gift to anyone who reads it.”
  —Havilah Cunnington, Founder of Truth to Table
“Chari’s real-life lessons and lens on scripture are both helpful and instructive as we work through the things that surface and rattle our own hearts in different seasons. I am so thankful for this woman and so thankful to now have this book.” —DeAnn Carpenter, Women’s director at Refuge Foundation & Author of “Throwing Confetti.”
“The way Chari loves God and loves people is so contagious. She is feisty, hilarious,  and beautifully prophetic in every interaction, and she always grounds people to Jesus & His word…  Her new book, I Cry in Corners is an incredible resource we all need.” 
  —Carolyn Haas, Co-Lead Pastor, Substance Church, Minneapolis, MN
“The way Chari weaves her story into the Greatest Story, Jesus’ story, makes the scriptures come alive in such a powerful and realistic way. Not only will you not want to put this book down, but you will also wonder where the time went and wonder when she is going to write the next one.”
  —Eric & Darlene Partin, Founding Pastors, Shoreline Church, Destin, Fl.
“Chari Orozco is a real, raw, authentic, and fresh voice that is so needed in our world today. God has gifted her with the ability to write and create from a Biblical perspective about everyday struggles. She lays her heart and humor out on the pages of I Cry in Corners … Her writing will pull you in from cover to cover, and you will be better after applying the suggested to-do's in your life.” 
  —Jon and Andrea Schwartz, Lead Pastor Successors Life Church, PA
“In this witty outing, pastor Orozco… urges readers to navigate their emotions with faith as a guide.” —Publishers Weekly
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